Swallows, Rock pigeons and sparrows

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Nests on buildings

cliff swallow house nest 


Sharing your home’s roof or eves with a family of nesting birds can be a wonderful experience, however, nests and young birds can be messy. It is important to note that bird nests are protected by law. A homeowner with an undesirable nest would need to wait until after the breeding season to remove a nest should they discover one with eggs. To prevent unwanted nests, employ deterrents that prevent the nests from being built in the first place.

  • Install visual deterrents, such as strips of metallic ribbon, old CDs or DVDs or predatory mimics (ex. Terror Eyes®), to locations were birds build nests.
  • Install small wire mesh along eves or terracotta style roofing tiles.
  • Be vigilant about swallow nest building activity in the early spring. Use a hose to wash down partially constructed nests on a daily basis.