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Much joy can be had watching these busy little guys romp around. However, like their rodent cousin the rat, squirrels can cause damage around the house and in the garden.


  • Do not feed squirrels.
  • Seal openings to the outside of a structure that are ≥ ½ inch wide with concrete mortar, steel or copper wool or metal flashing.
  • Cover attic and foundation vents with ¼ inch wire mesh or heavy wire screen.
  • To protect fruit and nut trees, use squirrel guards made from sheet metal 18-24 inches wide around the trunk to prevent them from climbing up trees.
  • Deter squirrels by cutting back vegetation at least 8 feet from trees you wish to protect.
  • Prevent ground squirrels from tunneling into your garden by installing wire mesh 1-2 feet below plant beds.
  • Motion activated sprinklers (ex. Scarecrow®) have proven very effective at deterring squirrels and other unwanted animals.