Wildlife and Habitat FAQs

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  • Can I still control rodents without using anticoagulant rodenticides?
  • What are second generation anticoagulant rodenticides?
  • How are anticoagulant rodenticides harmful to the environment?
  • Are there benefits to having coyotes live near Davis?
  • Are coyotes a threat to my safety or the safety of my family or pets?
  • How does the City respond to coyote sightings?
  • Can I trap and relocate wildlife from my home?
  • What is the Barn Owl Nest Box Program and how do I participate?
  • When can I visit the Davis Wetlands?
  • What should I do if I encounter sick, injured or abandoned wildlife?
  • How do I report a wildlife sighting?
  • How can I find information about local wildlife and habitats?
  • Can I prune or remove a tree without harming wildlife?
  • How do I dispose of a dead animal found on my property?