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Tree Preservation

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Tree Preservation


The following specifications are intended as guidelines for the preservation of existing trees in Davis. Protection and preservation of existing, large trees helps sustain the aesthetic and physical benefits of the Davis community forest. A tree protection and preservation plan should be determined for each tree that is to be preserved for any development project. While it is seldom possible to save every tree at a construction site, the following provisions and principles can apply to most situations to sustain vigor and minimize adverse growing conditions tree preservation. The City encourages the inclusion of existing trees into development design and planning.

Preservation Specifications

    1. Proposed development plans and specifications shall prepare a tree preservation and protection plan for existing trees to be preserved for the project. Any tree care practices, such as cutting of roots or pruning, shall be adequately described and shall be approved by the Urban Forest Manager or Parks and Community Services representative. Damage to or illegal removal of existing trees shall be a violation of Chapter 37 of the Davis Municipal Code and penalties levied for the replacement of the tree(s) of equal size in diameter inches of the trees, unless otherwise specified by the Urban Forest Manager or Parks and Community Services Department.

    2. Trees shall be fenced prior to construction. Soil compaction under trees is to be avoided. The fence shall prevent equipment traffic, material storage under the trees, and parking of construction vehicles from under the trees and should extend just beyond the drip-line. Excavation within this zone shall be accomplished by hand, and roots 2" and larger shall be preserved.

    3. Proper fertilization and irrigation prior to, and during the construction period shall be provided as specified in the tree preservation and protection plan.

    4. New landscaping under existing trees shall be carefully planned to avoid any grade changes and any excess moisture in the trunk area. Existing plants which are compatible as to irrigation requirements and which compliment the trees as to color, texture and form are to be saved.

    5. Trenching within the drip-line shall be performed only with prior approval of the Urban Forest Manager or his/her designee. Directional boring is preferred when feasible.

    6. All paving plans and specifications shall clearly prohibit the use of soil sterilants adjacent to preserved trees.

    7. Grade changes greater than one foot within the drip-line shall be avoided, and nothing other than a saw shall be used for root cutting.

    8. It is the property owner or designated representatives responsibility to ensure that all trades/subcontractors and utility companies abide by preservation conditions.

    9. From the conception of plans, architects, developers, engineers and/or planners shall locate and identify all existing trees on proposed project site plans and shall make every effort to comply with the City policies for tree preservation.