The City of Davis strives to provide regular proactive pruning for City street and park trees. Proactive maintenance pruning removes dead, damaged, and diseased branches, provides structural pruning, and reduces branch end weights. Proactive pruning helps to maintain trees in  a healthy condition and reduces the likelihood of branch or tree failures. Per the Community Forest Management Plan, City trees are proactively pruned on a 7-year cycle. The above pruning route map shows the pruning blocks for the City of Davis. The City of Davis strives to keep the pruning route schedule, but weather, disease outbreak, and pest events and limited funding may cause delays in this cycle. The pruning route blocks are pruned on a fiscal year cycle and currently scheduled as follows:

  • PR-6 FY 19/20
  • PR-7 FY 20/21
  • PR-1 FY 21/22
  • PR-2 FY 22/23
  • PR-3 FY 23/24
  • PR-4 FY 24/25
  • PR-5 FY 25/26

To view a larger version of the route map click on the link below or in the menu on the left.

 Tree Pruning Route Map