Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Program

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The City of Davis provides its single-family residential customers a choice to opt-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) radio transmission unit on their new water meters.  The AMI Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Program is for single-family residential customers who voluntarily choose not to have the data collector/ transmitter installed with their water meter. The program allows customers to have their meter read manually at the end of every month provided the customer pays the added cost of initial manual meter reading set up and monthly meter reading to the City.

If you choose to opt out, the following charges will be added to your monthly water bill: 

  • An initial, one-time setup fee of $92.00; and
  • A meter reading fee of $26.00 per month. 

Application and Process

The AMI Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Program will follow these steps:

  1. The customer will be required to fill out, sign and submit the Request and Agreement to Opt-Out of the AMI Radio Transmission Unit to the Public Works Department (linked here), for review by the Water Division Manager.  Requests must be submitted by the property owner, or with express written permission of the property owner.   

    These requests must be in writing. The original, signed application* must be sent to the City of Davis Public Works Department at the address below:
    City of Davis Public Works Department
    1717 5th Street 
    Davis, CA 95616
    Attn: AMI Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Request

    *Digital and facsimile copies will not be accepted

  2. After a review for completeness by the Water Division Manager, a letter will be sent to the customer from the Public Works Department, to indicate the change, and explain the opt-out charges that will appear on the customer’s bill.  This letter will also include the estimated date of installation of the non-AMI meter. 

  3. The paperwork will then be forwarded to the Finance Department, to add the additional opt-out fees to the customer account, and a work order will be issued for City staff to remove the AMI meter and radio transmission unit.   

  4. A new touch-read capable meter will be installed, and a door hanger will be left at the address to verify the opt-out for the property has begun.  The following month’s utility bill will reflect the new charges.  

  5. Meters will be read monthly by Public Works Staff.    

After one full year of opt-out services, costs for the program will be reviewed and re-assessed based on Public Works work order records and Finance HR costs. 

Request and Agreement to Opt-Out of the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Radio Transmission Unit

Fees and Penalties



One-time Fee for Removal of Meter and Radio Transmission Unit and Installation of Touch-read Compatible Meter and Touch-read Component.


Monthly Fee for Manual Read of Meter by Public Works Staff and Upload of Meter Read into Bill Print File by Finance Staff.




Penalty Fee will be charged if the meter cannot be accessed at the time of reading. An additional meter read fee of $14 would be charged for each additional attempt to read the meter.

$14 per attempt

Two Months Consecutive Non-Payment of Fee - the city will determine that the opt-out is no longer requested by the homeowner and will reinstall the AMI meter and reader. Unpaid monthly charges and applicable penalty fees, if any, will be due. Should this replacement occur, the homeowner will not be permitted to re-enroll in the opt-out program at any time.


City Council Staff Report: Item 7 - Single-Family Residential Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Radio Transmission Unit Opt-Out Program (9/25/18)

Customer Water Management

It is important to note that meters manually read will not have the water usage information uploaded into the City’s meter data management system, therefore these customers will not have access to their water use (including hourly information) in the City’s AquaHawk customer water use portal. This creates missed opportunities for the homeowner to notice quickly if an issue, such as a water leak, does arise.  Without hourly water use data, these types of issues can result in increased costs to the customer, as leaks are often identified one to two months after they have begun, when customers receive their bills.

More Information on the Customer Water Use Portal