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Annual Water Main Flushing

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The City's water main flushing program is currently on hold.

Every year, the Public Works Department performs a flushing program to clean the water mains. The purpose of the flushing program is to remove sand and sediment that settles in the water mains over time. In order to flush the line, it is necessary to open the fire hydrants to create a higher flow velocity. Flushing is necessary for maintenance purposes and will generally improve the quality of the water. Residents in the immediate vicinity of the flushing may notice a slight drop in water pressure, cloudy water from air in the lines or sediment in the water. Try to avoid using water or doing laundry if flushing is occurring nearby. If any sediment or discoloration is noticed, wait until the crew is finished, then run the faucets for a few minutes to clear the house lines. The flushing will be performed between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. For any questions regarding this program, call the Public Works Department at 757-5686.