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Track Your Water Use

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View Your Hourly Water ConsumptionAquaHawk button

When you first login, you will see a bar graph with your water usage over the last 365 days. You can change this view by clicking on the options above the graph to show different periods of time (last 24 hours, 48 hours, 30 days, etc.). You may enter a specific date to view usage for that date. You can also click on the bar for any day on the graph and see the hourly water use for that day (data is transmitted to the portal 4 times per day so there is an approximately 6 hour lag time in data transmissions and the availability of those readings) . Hovering over a bar will display consumption details. The orange bars on the graph indicate spanning, when a meter doesn’t report for several time intervals AquaHawk “spans” or averages the data over the missing intervals. Click on “Actual” to view your water use data without spanning.

When you view your water consumption, you will see past historic usage (monthly data) and the more recent hourly readings. If you click on a month with historic reads, the daily and hourly usage will show as averaged use over that time span because reads were only taken once a month. 

View more information on the AquaHawk Help Site.

AquaHawk Frequently Asked Questions

water use graph

In the top left hand corner above the graph is the date range of the graph. This can be modified by choosing a different time period or entering a date to view.

time options

In the top right hand corner above the graph you will see the cubic feet of water used for the current time period.

actual vs. accumulating

In the top center of the graph, you will see the graph legend showing water use, water reading, temp range and rainfall.

chart legend

Manage Your Water Usage

The table in the center of the AquaHawk screen allows you to quickly see water usage during the current water use period. The table shows your estimated water charges, projected water charges, water use and projected water use.

Billing box

Estimated water charges - the estimate to date within the water use period of how much you currently owe for the water portion of your utility bill. If you are in day 15 of the water use period then the charges are the estimated amount you would owe for approximately half of the month if you were billed that day.

Projected water charges - the estimated amount you will owe for the water portion of your utility bill by the end of the water use period.

Water use - your water use to date within the current water use period.

Projected water use – the estimated amount of water you will use by the end of the water use period.

Tips: Click on the estimated water charges to view a breakdown of these charges. Click on Cu Ft to view water use in gallons.

View more information on the AquaHawk Help Site.

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