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Water Use Portal

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The City of Davis Data Collection Units, which receive and send the meter reads to the meter database, experienced technical difficulties in March and April 2020. You will likely notice orange bars in AquaHawk indicating averaged water use or see no water usage information for all or a portion of that time period. Now that the technical difficulties are resolved, you will see both the actual reads (bright blue bars) in AquaHawk and orange bars for the time period(s) of averaged water use.

What is AquaHawk? 

AquaHawk is the City of Davis’ customer water use portal. With AquaHawk you may View Your Hourly Water Consumption, Manage Your Water Usage and Customize Alert Settings.

Important Tip: AquaHawk is an opt-in program; customers must register for the water use portal and set their own usage alerts (called My Thresholds). AquaHawk does not send automatic alerts; to receive usage alerts, these user-defined thresholds must be set. Learn more on the Set Usage Alerts page.  

Register for AquaHawkAquaHawk button

  1. Go to the City of Davis AquaHawk page.
  2. Click the Register button.
  3. Fill in your personal contact information. The information does not have to match the contact information on your utility bill. Alerts will be sent to your preferred contact method.
  4. Click the Register button to complete registration.
  5. After a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your login information.
  6. You will then be redirected to the City of Davis AquaHawk portal page where you can sign in.
  7. If this is the first time signing in, the Add Account box pops up. Enter the Account number, Account Name and Service Address listed on your utility bill. If your account number contains leading zeros and is not being accepted during the registration process, remove the leading zeros and try again. If your account number is still not accepted, please contact Public Works Utilities and Operations staff at (530) 757-5686 or

Click Add to finish the setup.Add Account

Watch a video of the registration process

City of Davis AquaHawk registration instructions (PDF)

Registration Details 

The account holder who receives the monthly utility bill from the City may choose to provide access to others (tenants, landscapers, etc.) to view the water usage for the account. Each user may set-up his/her own login with AquaHawk but will need permission from the account owner and the account information to complete the registration process. The water use portal is not connected to the individual water meters, and cannot turn on or off water service, or retain information other than the residential water use data. For properties in El Macero, you will need your account number from the Yolo County CSA to complete the registration process. Please contact the Yolo County CSA Administrative Support Team at or (530) 666-8153.

How Does AquaHawk work?

Water use data is transmitted to the AquaHawk customer water portal 4 times per day. There is an approximately 6 hour lag time in data transmissions and the availability of those readings in the portal. Historic usage is shown in monthly increments, if you click on the hourly or daily usage for the historic reads you will see water usage averaged out over that time period because only monthly reads are available.

The ability to Set a Usage Alert is one of the primary benefits of the water user portal. Setting alerts to be notified of continuous water usage over a 24-hour time period or less is recommended.  If there is an interruption in the readings for your meter, customer set automatic alerts may not be sent during those time periods, please continue to monitor your monthly utility bill.

For water customers with multiple meters on a property or multiple accounts to manage, you can view all of your accounts and/or meters under one main account registration in AquaHawk. See Working with Multiple Accounts and Meters for information on registering multiple accounts, switching between multiple meters and/or accounts, or removing an account.

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