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Saving Water Indoors

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Install a low-flow showerhead. Install a WaterSense labeled low-flow showerhead which uses 2 gallons per minute or less of water.

repair leaks indoors


Fix a leaky faucet. Repairing a leaky faucet can save 15 to 20 gallons of water per day. Installing aerators on faucets can save up to 1.5 gallons of water per person per day.

washing machine


Fill it up. Run full loads when washing either dishes or clothes. Replace your existing washer with an Energy Star certified clothes washer which uses 13 gallons or less of water per load.

Additional Indoor Water Savings Tips

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Water Use It Wisely Indoor Tips

Modernizing your appliances can save water!


 Appliance Older models  efficient models  Savings/use 
Clothes Washer  27-40 gallons/load 13 gallons/load  14-27 gallons 
Dishwashers  15-18 gallons/load  7-9 gallons/load  8 gallons 
Faucets/Aerators  3 gallons/minute 1.5 gallons/minute  1.5 gallons 
Showerhead  3 gallons/minute 2 gallons/minute  10 gallons 
Toilets  1.6-5 gallons/flush 0.8-1.28 gallons/flush  0.32-4.2 gallons