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Water Conservation

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AquaHawk Customer Water Use Portal

The City of Davis Data Collection Units, which receive and send the meter reads to the meter database, experienced technical difficulties in March and April 2020. You will likely notice orange bars in AquaHawk indicating averaged water use or see no water usage information for all or a portion of that time period. Now that the technical difficulties are resolved, you will see both the actual reads (bright blue bars) in AquaHawk and orange bars for the time period(s) of averaged water use.

The AquaHawk customer water use portal is now available to City of Davis water customers. The AquaHawk portal will allow our customers to view their hourly water usage and set and receive usage alerts. When registering for the first time, you will need your account number and service address.

Customer Water Use Portal

AquaHawk Frequently Asked Questions

Using AquaHawk to Assist in Finding Leaks

Summer Irrigation Reminders & Using AquaHawk to Check for Continuous Water Use

Working with Multiple Accounts and Meters

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"Life After Lawn"

The City of Davis and UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden are continuing to highlight examples online of local homeowners, like the one below, who have made the switch from turf to alternative landscapes.

Life After Lawn (Spring 2017)

View "Life After Lawn" local area homes on the Arboretum's "Life After Lawn" page and on the City's Greener Davis Facebook page.

*Photo courtesy of the UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden

Save Davis Water Online Game

Davis Water Game Title Screen

Are You A Water Conservation Whiz? - Play Now!

City of Davis Water Conservation Tracker

Davis Water Conservation Tracker

More water production information.

Water Conservation Links

Report Water Waste

You can report water leaks and water waste violations online or you can e-mail or call (530) 757-5620. Reports may be kept anonymous however the City will need the full address of the violation location in order to make contact.