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Water Sources and Production

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Water Sources

The City of Davis water system is a conjunctive use system and utilizes both surface water and groundwater for its potable water supply. The primary water source is surface water supplied from the Sacramento River which accounted for approximately 87% of delivered water in 2019. Groundwater provides the remaining 13% and is pumped from underlying aquifers that range from 200 to 1,700+ feet below ground surface. The City has 9 active groundwater wells throughout town, but the majority of water pumped to be supplied as drinking water comes from 4 deep aquifer wells.

Learn more about the city's surface water source from the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency.

Water Production

Water production is the amount of water that enters the distribution system. This is the combination of surface water and groundwater. 

The table and graph below show the current water production by month compared to previous years and to 2013 (the state baseline year - used for comparison to measure required reductions during the recent state declared drought emergency).

Total Production Table

Total Production Chart