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Davis Water Quality Improvement Project

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What is the Davis Water Quality Improvement Program?

The City of Davis has worked to complete improvements to the quality and reliability of its public water supply. Working in conjunction with the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency, the Water Quality Improvement Program consists of the construction of a six-mile pipeline in Davis (completed in the fall of 2016) that connects with the WDCWA treatment plant’s distribution pipeline. The treatment plant, located just south of Woodland, is transporting surface water from the Sacramento River. The Woodland treatment facility is treating this water for human consumption and it then travels about six miles to the Davis distribution pipeline. The Davis Woodland Water Supply Project is providing 12 million gallons per day (MGD) of surface water from the Sacramento River to Davis water customers (with 1.8 MGD of that amount going to UC Davis) and 18 MGD to Woodland customers. The Water Quality Improvement Program is delivering all customers higher quality water from a more sustainable source.

Surface Water FAQ

Surface Water Presentation - May 5, 2016 Community Meeting

Surface Water and Water Quality

The City has been receiving questions regarding the continued need for water softeners. Surface water is naturally softer than local groundwater. As the City enters into its first summer using its full surface water allotment, 10.2 million gallons per day, the quality of the water has changed significantly from this time last year. One noticeable difference is the level of water hardness.  We test the distribution system weekly for a number of parameters, hardness being one of those. During 2017, the system average level of water hardness was 47 ppm (2.8 grains per gallon).  For information about hardness in your neighborhood, visit  the distribution system water quality information page.  If this range of hardness is acceptable for your home, you may want to consider bypassing your water softener.

Surface Water Transmission Line Map

Transmission Line Map

Surface Water Transmission Line Map