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Welcome to the Water Division

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The City’s Water Division operates and maintains the water production, transmission and distribution infrastructure in order to deliver clean, reliable potable water to our Davis water customers. The City’s water supply is a combination of surface water from the Sacramento River and groundwater from the city’s underlying aquifer.

The Water Division encompasses a variety of drinking water related functions, including:

  • Water Production, Distribution and Storage
  • Water Meter Reading, Maintenance and Testing
  • Backflow Testing
  • Continuous Use Checks for Single-Family Residences
  • Water Conservation/Efficiency
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Permitting/Regulatory Compliance
  • Regional and State-wide Water Issues
  • Long Range Utility and Resource Planning
Water Utility 101 graphic For an overview of the City's water utility, please view the Water Utility 101 PDF

Water Division Webpages Include:

Water Rates
 Information on the city’s current water rates and historical water rate information.
 Water Sources and Production  Learn about the city’s water sources, the monthly water production, and how it compares to previous years.

Water Quality

Information on the city’s water quality, including the annual water quality reports and current water quality testing information.

Water Conservation

Information on the city’s customer water use portal, AquaHawk, drought and water use restrictions, leak detection, and saving water indoors and outdoors.

Water Use Portal

Link to the city’s customer water use portal, Aquahawk.

Backflow Testing

Information on the list of certified backflow testers, links to backflow report forms, and the backflow prevention assembly tester application.

 Davis Water Quality 
Improvement Project
 Historical information on the Davis Water Quality Improvement Project and the introduction of surface water into Davis.
 2019 Water Meter Upgrade Project  Information on the water meter upgrade project which was completed in 2019.

Online Documents

Includes important information and documents related to water system plans and studies, the city’s Urban Water Management Plan, the water rate cost of service study, and the Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project.