The toilet is not a trash can. Please only flush toilet paper and put trash in the trash can.  An overflowing toilet can ruin your home in an instant. Just a small amount of household waste flushed down the toilet (or dumped down the drain or garbage disposal) can pollute our rivers, clog pipes and cause expensive and messy sewer backups in your home and our City. Call us first if you notice a sewer backup in your home, on or near your property, or on a street. For 24 hour Sewer Response Service Call (530) 757-5686.

Think Before You Flush (PDF).

Down the Drain Flier (PDF)

Proper Disposal of Medications and Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products and prescription medicines should never be poured down the drain or flushed down a toilet. There are local places to properly dispose of medications, please see our Pharmaceutical page for details.

Website for Information on Safer Detergents: