Plants and Animals of the Davis Wetlands

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Upon completion in 1998, the Wetlands immediately began to attract wildlife. As the native plants mature more species are using the Wetlands to spend the winter or breed and raise young. The Wetlands hosts hundreds of common species and, more recently, several rare visitors. Below is a list of some of the more commonly observed species:

Common Wildlife

Water Birds





Eared grebe

Great egret



Common moorhen

Pied-billed grebe

Snowy egret

Northern pintail

Ring-necked duck

American coot

Western grebe

Cattle egret

American wigeon

Lesser scaup


American white pelican

Black-crowned night-heron

Northern shoveler

Common goldeneye

Bonaparte's gull

Double-crested cormorant

White-faced ibis

Cinnamon teal


Ring-billed gull

American bittern

Canada goose

Blue-winged teal

Hooded merganser

California gull

Great blue heron



Ruddy duck

Caspian tern




 Semipalmated plover

 Long-billed curlew

 Long-billed dowitcher 


 Marbled godwit

 Common snipe

 American avocet


 Wilson's phalarope

 Black-necked stilt

 Western sandpiper

 Red-necked phalarope

 Greater yellowlegs

 Least sandpiper





 Turkey vulture

 Red-shouldered hawk 

 Peregrine falcon

 Northern harrier

 Swainson's hawk

 Barn owl

 White-tailed kite

 Red-tailed hawk

 Great-horned owl

 Sharp-shinned hawk

 American kestrel


 Cooper's hawk








Mourning dove

Black phoebe 

Cliff swallow

Wilson's warbler 

Yellow-headed blackbird 

Rock dove

Western kingbird

Barn swallow

Savannah sparrow

Red-winged blackbird

Common nighthawk

Loggerhead shrike

Marsh wren

White-crowned sparrow

Brewer's blackbird

Anna's hummingbird

Common raven

American pipit

Fox sparrow

Great-tailed grackle

Belted kingfisher

American crow

Yellow warbler

Song sparrow

Purple finch

Northern flicker

Horned lark

Yellow-rumped warbler

Western meadowlark

American goldfinch

Olive-sided flycatcher

Tree swallow

Common yellowthroat

Brown-headed cowbird





 American beaver

Deer mouse 


 Black-tailed hare

Desert cottontail 

Red fox 

 CA ground squirrel


Stripped skunk 

 CA vole

Mule deer 

Western harvest mouse 


Northern river otter 


Amphibians and Reptiles 




 American bullfrog

Gopher snake

Yellow-bellied racer 

Western fence lizard 

 Pacific chorus frog

Common garter snake

Western pond turtle 


 Western kingsnake

Giant garter snake

Red-eared slider 



Native Plants





 Black willow

 Coyote brush

 CA poppy

 Creeping wildrye

 Red willow

 CA wild rose


 Purple needlegrass

 Yellow willow

 Mexican elderberry

 CA goldfields

 Blue wildrye

 Fremont cottonwood

 Button willow


 Meadow barley

 Valley oak

 CA blackberry


 Slender wheatgrass

 Box elder

 Poison oak


 Tule (grass like emergent)

 CA sycamore



 Cattail (grass like emergent)