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Single-Family Pickup Schedule
Curbside Split-Recycling Cart
Variable Cart Rate

The City of Davis contracts with Recology Davis to collect trash, organics, recyclables, yard materials and perform street sweeping within the city limits. Billing for these services is handled by the City's Finance Department.

Curbside residential garbage, organics and recycling collection is an automated cart system. All trash, organics and recyclables MUST BE PLACED inside the carts. Garbage and organics carts are available in 95, 65, and 35-gallon sizes. Curbside residential garbage rates are based on the size of your garbage can. Additional trash and organics carts are available for a fee. All residents also receive a 64 gallon split-recycling cart. An additional split-recycling cart is available upon request at no extra charge. If you have any materials in your carts, roll them out to the curb for pick-up every week, even if they are not full.

Single-Family Trash, Recycling and Organics Pick-Up Schedule:


The Cannery area waste collection schedule will be shifting from Tuesday to Wednesday collection the week of June 21. The last Tuesday pick-up will occur on June 16. Starting on June 23, the Cannery area will have their waste collected on Wednesdays.  See the Recology Davis website for details.

Curbside trash, organics and recycling is collected once a week. Collection begins at 7:00 a.m. Carts may be brought to the curb after 5:00 p.m. on the day before collection and should be removed by 7:00 a.m. on the day following collection. Recology Davis operates on all holidays except Christmas and New Year's Day. Call Recology Davis (756-4646) if you have any questions.

cartsstreet Place Carts: 
  • Wheels against the curb
  • Opening facing the street
  • 3 feet apart and 3 feet from parked vehicles
  • Do not block the bike lane or sidewalk
  • Please keep all yard waste piles, vehicles and other objects away from the front of the containers so the trucks can reach them. Do not block the bike lane or sidewalk.


Curbside Split-Recycling Cart

curbside-lidEach residential curbside recycling cart has two separate compartments. The label on the lid details what can be placed inside each of the cart's compartments. Place paper and small cardboard pieces in the side with the black lid, and place plastic, aluminum, glass bottles and cans in the side with the blue lid. Cardboard boxes larger than 2 cubic feet should be flattened and placed on the ground next to the recycling carts on collection day. Do not place trash inside the recycling cart. More information on recycling in Davis.

The Recology Davis recycling truck that picks up the curbside split recycling carts has two separate storage areas inside—one for paper and one for containers. When the arm of the recycling truck lifts the recycling cart and turns it upside down over the truck, the lids on the cart flap open, directing the paper into one storage area and the containers into the other. The two recycling streams are kept completely separate. When the Recology Davis recycling truck empties the recyclables at the recycling center, it empties the paper into the paper sorting piles, and the containers into the container sorting piles.


Single-Family Variable Cart Rate

Single-family customers are charged a different monthly rate based on the size of their garbage cart.

  • How can I tell what cart size I currently have?

    Most single-family residential customers currently have a 95-gallon trash cart. However, to confirm the size of your garbage cart, look at your garbage cart compared to your recycling cart. Your recycling cart is 65 gallons.  

    • If your garbage cart is taller than your recycling cart, you have a 95 gallon garbage cart.
    • If your garbage cart is about the same height as your recycling cart, you have a 65 gallon garbage cart.
    • If your garbage cart is shorter and narrower than your recycling cart, you have a 35 gallon garbage cart.

    You can also look at the white numbers that are hot stamped onto the back of your garbage cart. The first two numbers usually refer to the size cart (35, 65, or 95-gallon).

  • How can I tell what size cart I need?

    Start keeping track of how full your cart is every week.  You may want to wait until after the holidays, when people generally have more waste, to see how full your garbage cart is.  You can request a different size garbage cart at any time (no more than 1 cart size change per year--additional changes are subject to a $20 service charge).
  • How often can I change the size of my garbage cart?

    Residents can change the size of their cart once per year (every 12 months) free of charge. If you change more than once every 12 months there will be a $20 service charge.
  • How do I request a different cart size?

    To request a different sized garbage cart, contact the Finance Department at 757-5651.  Please note that only the property owner can request a change.  All requests for switching carts will be handled on a first come, first served basis.  Recology Davis will switch carts on your regular collection day. Please leave your garbage cart out at the curb until 4pm on your collection day and Recology Davis will empty our old cart, then will remove it and replace it with a new one.
  • Can I get more than one garbage cart?

    Yes. Contact the Finance Departmen(757-5651) to request an additional garbage cart. You will be charged a fee per month for each additional garbage cart that you request. You may contact Recology Davis (756-4646) to request an additional recycling cart free of charge.