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Recycling Downloads

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These downloadable files are all in PDF format unless noted otherwise.

General Recycling and Waste Reduction Information

Recycling Flier
2017 Environmental Resources Guide
Shop Smart
Garage Sale Tips
2019 Yolo County Recycling Calendar
Program History


Yard Materials and Composting

Compost Guide
Backyard Composting Flier
Worm Composting Flier
Food Scrap Composting Flier
Video: Days of Our Piles: Composting 101 (15 minutes)
Video: As the Worm Turns: Vermicomposting Basics (12 minutes)
Garden Reuse Tips 

Apartment Recycling/iBIN Recycling Program

Greener Guide for Property Managers
Recycling Guide For Renters
iBIN Recycling Program FAQs
iBIN Recycling Program info manager packet
iBIN Moving Letter
iBIN Welcome Letter
iBIN Posters
No Cardboard in Dumpster Sign

Business Recycling

Waste Reduction Tips for Businesses
Mandatory Commercial Recycling Guide
Food Donation Best Practices
Commercial Waste Signs for Bins
Food Scrap Collection Program Training Guide
Video: Commercial Food Scrap Collection Program

Construction and Demolition

C&D Ordinance Brochure
C&D Diversion Plan Form: Recology Davis Haul
C&D Diversion Plan Form: Self-Haul
C&D Diversion Report Form


Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide
Yolo County Business Hazardous Waste Program

Recycling Bin Labels/Signs

The signs below may be used to label recycling, compost and trash bins.

Paper sign
Paper sign (for restaurants)
Cardboard sign
Cardboard Poster 1 / Poster 2
Glass, Metal, Plastic sign
Glass, Metal, Plastic sign (for restaurants)
Compost sign
Compost sign (without yard trimmings)
Compost Paper Towels sign (for restrooms and sink areas)
Landfill sign

Miscellaneous Documents

City of Davis Waste Reduction and Recycling Policy
City of Davis Waste Reduction and Recycling Procedure
City of Davis 2011 Zero Waste Resolution
City of Davis Extended Producer Responsibility Resolution
City of Davis Municipal Code relating to garbage and recycling
Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Solid Waste Service Rates Effective February 2019
Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Increases for Single-Family Residential Solid Waste Service Rates Effective February 2019


Davis Media Access Episode #209: “Food Scrap Composting in Davis.” April 2012

Folding a Newspaper Pail Liner Organics Collection Program video (38 minutes)

Avoiding Pests and Odors What Goes in the Organics Cart?

Why an Organics Collection Program? As the Worm Turns: Vermiomposting Tutorial

Days of Our Piles: A Composting Tutorial
Commercial Food Scrap Collection

Davis Media Access: In The Studio -
Organics Recycling Part 1
Davis Media Access: In the Studio -
Organics Recycling Part 2

Davis Media Access: In The Studio -
Reduce and Reuse