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Composting is a means of using natural decomposing processes to turn kitchen and yard wastes into a nutrient-rich soil supplement for your yard or garden. Returning organic matter to the land perpetuates natural biological cycles and is an ecologically sensible means of using organic wastes. It also has the potential to divert a significant amount of waste from our landfill. If proper composting techniques are followed, composting can require very little work and be odor and rodent free.


Backyard Composting Guide
Backyard Composting Flier
Worm Composting Brochure 
Food Scrap Composting
Video: Days of Our Piles: Composting 101 (15 minutes)
Video: As the Worm Turns: Vermicomposting Basics (12 minutes)
Spring 2020 Composting Class Presentation (PDF)