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Information for Apartment Managers

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Useful Information for Turnover:
Move-Out Waste Reduction Flier
iBIN Addendum
iBIN Moving Letter
iBIN Welcome Letter
No Cardboard in Dumpster Sign
Broken Furniture Only Sign for Dumpster
Donation Station Signs

Establishing a successful recycling program at your property can be easy and we are here to help! Every May/June, the City Recycling Program delivers a packet of recycling information to all apartment properties. Enclosed in the packet are recycling fliers, information about disposing of hazardous waste and other current recycling topics.

Why should you bother to make sure that your residents recycle?

  1. Recycling is good for the environment. Recycling saves energy and resources. Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to run a television for 2 ½ hours.
  2. If your residents recycle, you can save money! Did you know that there is no extra fee for recycling in Davis? If you can recycle more and throw less away in the trash, you may be able to downsize your garbage service and save money! You can call Recology Davis at 756-4646 to request additional recycling carts at any time for no extra charge.
  3. It's the law.
    • California State law AB 341 (effective July 1, 2012) requires that all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste each week and all multi-family communities with 5 or more units must arrange for recycling service. For more information, see the Mandatory Commercial Recycling guide or visit the CalRecycle Mandatory Commercial Recycling webpage.
    • California Mandatory Organics Recycling Law (AB 1826) requires all businesses (including multi-family communities with 5 or more units) that generate four cubic yards of waste per week to arrange for organic recycling services. All businesses and residents in Davis should receive organics collection service through Recology Davis. Please be sure to remind your landscapers and maintenance staff that landscape trimmings may not be placed in the trash.  More information on the Organics Collection Program.

    • Davis Municipal Code 32.01.065 requires that trash, recycling and organic materials be separated and placed into the correct Recology Davis bins.  Recyclables and organics should never be placed in the trash and trash cannot be placed in the recycling or organics carts.

    • Telling your residents about recycling is also required by the City Municipal Code:
    • 32.03.050 Education(b) At the time a lease or rental agreement is signed, the manager or homeowner’s association representative, or other appropriate agent of the owner or owners of each communally serviced residence or multi-tenant commercial complex that is subject to this section shall:(1)  Inform all new tenants of the availability of recycling, the location of the recycling collection site(s), and the materials that may be recycled; and(2)  Provide all new tenants with a flyer describing the city’s recycling program. The flyers shall be provided by the city. (Ord. 1765 § 1)

Fortunately, recycling is easy in Davis! Here’s a list of some of the FREE services that the City Recycling Program offers:

  • FREE recycling posters (while supplies last)
  • FREE recycling labels (while supplies last)
  • FREE recycling fliers (while supplies last)
  • FREE recycling presentation to your residents. Contact the City Recycling Program for more information.
  • FREE waste assessments
  • The iBIN Recycling Program -- provides apartment units in Davis with a free recycle bin. These iBINs (in-apartment recycling bins) are offered at no cost and were distributed in 2008.
  • The Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program – a waste reduction program for large apartment properties that encourages reuse and recycling during turnover time at the end of August.

Tame that Turnover Mess!

June and August are typically busy, messy times for apartments in Davis. Apartment managers often request extra 30 to 40 yard dumpsters from the Recology Davis (formerly Davis Waste Removal) to haul away the extra ‘trash’ that is generated from residents moving and out and new residents moving in. Much of the stuff that is thrown in these dumpsters is either reusable or recyclable. We have a few tips to help tame that turnover mess and reuse and recycle as much as possible!

  • If you can, participate in the yearly Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program.
  • Encourage your residents to take advantage of local reuse and recycling options as they are moving out. You can use our move-out flier if you wish.
    Place signs around your trash enclosures reminding your residents NOT to throw furniture in the ordinary trash bins. If you have a large 30-40 yard dumpster, you may want to direct them to place broken furniture in that dumpster instead.
  • If you have a large 30-40 yard dumpster, place signs requesting that your residents place their regular household garbage in the ordinary trash bins and ONLY place broken furniture and mattresses in the large dumpsters.
  • When new residents are moving in and getting settled, a large percentage of the waste produced at your property will be cardboard. You can either request extra trash pick-ups and pay to have it hauled away as garbage, or you can recycle it for free! If cardboard is flattened and stacked, Recology Davis will pick up all your cardboard for FREE! Save some money and encourage your residents to recycle their cardboard! You can print out our cardboard recycling signs and place them on or near your dumpsters to encourage recycling. Be sure to let your maintenance staff know that you intend to recycle your cardboard and that you do not want it in the garbage.
  • volunteersHost a community garage sale. Help your residents to set up a community garage sale a few weeks before you are expecting a large turnover. This way your residents can get rid of all the stuff they don’t want anymore, make some money off of it, and keep good, usable stuff out of the trash! People are much more likely to come to a garage sale if there are several people selling their stuff from the same location—it saves them the time of driving around to difference garage sales. Check out our garage sale guide  for some helpful tips on a fun and successful garage sale.
  • Instead of a community garage sale (of after the sale ends) collect all of your residents unwanted, usable items into one place and coordinate with a local non-profit group that can come to your property and collect the items for reuse.
  • You can designate a “reuse area” at your property and ask your residents to leave reusable items there instead of throwing them in the dumpsters. This area can become a swapping station for residents to take and leave times as they wish. Some apartments do this year round with a “free table” in their community room where residents can take and leave small household items and clothing.
  • If you have televisions, computer monitors, microwaves, refrigerators or other “hazardous waste” items that are left by your dumpsters (car batteries, automotive fluid, cleaning supplies, paint, etc.), do NOT throw these away in the trash! These are all illegal to dispose of in the trash. When the dumpsters are emptied at the landfill, crews look for hazardous waste items that were thrown in. If they find these items in your dumpster, they WILL pull them out and they WILL charge you extra for it. To avoid extra landfill charges, please make sure that any appliances, electronics, tires or other hazardous waste items are disposed of properly.

The best thing that you can do reduce mess during turnover is to talk to your residents about reducing waste and recycling. If you take the time to talk to your residents, they are MUCH more likely to try to donate their unwanted items and recycle their cardboard. Hauling away all the move-out mess as trash is expensive—save some money and get your residents involved in reusing and recycling!

HHWHazardous Waste

Does your business generate hazardous waste? Do you have leftover paint, pesticides, cleaning products, automotive fluids or other chemicals? Do you have batteries from fire alarms or fluorescent light bulbs and tubes? These are all illegal to throw away in the trash. See the Business Hazardous Waste page for information on proper disposal.

Please note: If you are collecting batteries from your residents, you are providing a service to your residents and the batteries will then be considered business-generated waste. As such, you may NOT bring the batteries to the battery drop-off sites in Davis and you must dispose of them through alternate means. See the Business Hazardous Waste page for more information.

Other Great Recycling Opportunities

Encourage residents to recycle their junk mail. Do you have a trash container next to your mailboxes? To reduce waste and save money, you can replace the trash receptacle with a free paper recycling cart from Recology Davis or apply a “junk mail only” label to turn that trash container into a paper recycling container. Junk mail is recyclable!

Request a free recycling container. Free recycling containers are available from the CalRecycle. California businesses can fill out a simple form online at to request a free recycling container. Fill out the online form to receive a free recycling container, posters, and information on starting a successful recycling program.