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Apartments and Multi-Family Communities

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Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program
Information for Apartment Managers
iBIN Recycling Program
Other Useful Waste Reduction and Recycling Information

    Multi-Family Service

    The City has an exclusive franchise waste agreement with Recology Davis to collect trash, recyclables, organics, yard material piles, and perform street sweeping within the city limits. A variety of bin sizes and service levels are available. More information on monthly solid waste rates.  Recology Davis offers recycling service no extra cost to all customers that subscribe to garbage service. Billing for these services is handled by the City's Finance Department.

    If you live in an apartment property with ten or more units, you receive communal recycling service. Recycling carts are located in or near the trash enclosure. Most properties have two carts: one for mixed paper and one for plastic, glass and metal containers. Flatten cardboard and stack it on the ground next to the recycling carts or garbage bins.

    Most apartment properties in Davis have an iBIN (in-apartment recycling bin) in each unit. These iBINs make it easier for residents to collect and transport recycling from their apartments to the recycling carts in their community's trash enclosure. an the property of the program. While each apartment unit will have its own iBIN, the iBIN does NOT belong to the residents—iBINs are the property of the City of Davis. When the residents move, they MUST leave their iBIN behind. More information about the iBIN Recycling Program.

    Apartment Move-Out Waste Reduction Program

    Every year the City of Davis Recycling Program teams up with apartment managers to encourage reuse of items and reduce the amount of waste that happens during the yearly August move-out. Davis Recycling staff sets up donation stations at participating apartment properties, and residents donate items they no longer want or need. Local non-profit groups and other apartment residents stop by and take the items they want. The end result is that good, usable items are kept out of the trash. There is also a possibility of waste disposal savings for apartment managers. Many participating apartment properties experience a reduction in generated waste during turnover. More information on the Apartment Move-Out program.

    Other Useful Waste Reduction and Recycling Information

    For all scheduling or pick-up questions: Recology Davis 530.756.4646

    For solid waste, recycling, composting, other questions: City of Davis Public Works Utilities and Operations Department 530.757.5686

    For Billing Information: City of Davis Finance Department 530.757.5651