The Traffic Division frequently collects traffic data to assist in making decisions related to traffic safety and efficiency of the city's traffic systems.

Types of Traffic Data

Traffic Volumes - This data is usually expressed in terms of Average Daily Traffic (ADT). The typical data is collected on weekdays for a 48 hour period and is averaged to get a daily count.

Traffic Speeds - This data is expressed in terms of how many vehicles are traveling at a particular speed during a set period of time. Sometimes this will be for full days and sometimes for a period of less than an hour. Different types of data collecting equipment are used for these extended period and short period collections.

Intersection Movements - This data is collected manually by observing the movement of traffic (vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians) through the intersection for a period of one to two hours.

Traffic volume and speed data are the most frequently collected types of data, and much of that data is available to view on our Traffic Data Map.

For detailed reports, please visit the Traffic Data Map or contact the Public Works Department at 757-5686 or