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Street Smarts Data


Street Smarts - Keep Our Kids Safe! Survey

Street Smarts—the bicycle, pedestrian, and car safety program for the City of Davis— conducted a survey to learn more about how K-8 students travel to and from school.

This year, we had 690 parent responses. The last time this survey was completed, in 2011, we had  492 responses. This represents a 40% increase in responses - THANK YOU! 

Your feedback will help us evaluate the effectiveness and safety of current biking and walking routes to local schools. It will also provide important information as we build and strengthen the Street Smarts program throughout the community. 

One of the most interesting findings of the report is that the percent of kids who bike to school increased from 46%  in 2011 to 58% in 2017! This is more than a 10% increase!

If you are interested in seeing the aggregate results of the responses, please see this: Aggregate Report. Also, check out some of our comparison highlights below: 

2017 Typical Mode of Arrival or Departure Data:


2017 Arrival Departure Methods


2017 Visual Representation: 2017 Graph




2011  Typical Mode of Arrival or Departure Data:

2011 Arrival Departure Data


2011 Visual Representation:  

 2011 Graph


Calvin Thigpen's Research On

How Davis, CA schools encourage biking

After accounting for the schools’ physical environment and characteristics, as well as the influence of weather and the natural environment, we find that the scanning program, the Monkey Money incentive system, and the national Bike-to-School Day celebration increase levels of bicycling to school.

 A link to his full data report can be found here