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Going the Extra Mile Biking Award

going extra mile

Street Smarts has awarded students and teachers with the "Going the Extra Mile Award." This award celebrates individuals for their dedication to biking, their commitment and hard work to Go the Extra Mile, and thanks them for being and inspiration to their community.

This award was established in response to hearing the story of Jesse Krause, a 5th Grader at Willett.  When Jesse was in 3rd grade he was still learning to ride his bike and was unable to participate in bike to School Day. He has autism and as such struggles with some of the coordination skills required for biking.  Jesse worked on his biking skills with a neighbor for an entire year to be able to participate in his 4th grade Bike to School Day.  We were so impressed with this story we thought that it would be great to celebrate everyday heroes of biking in our community. 

Parent Champions (parent volunteer who run the school based scanning program) at each school nominated kids and school staff that have gone above and beyond for biking.  Kiana Giome (also a 5th Grader at Willett) rode over 1000 miles to school last year was given the award. Mike Maranta and Sawyer Schoen (North Davis Elementary) rode to school every day last school year. Teacher Kate Bowen (Patwin) was also awarded because she is one of the few (if not the only) teacher to take kids on a biking filed trip in Davis.

We are looking for new nominations to celebrate students and school district employees that go the extra mile for biking. If you have someone extraordinary to nominate, let us know!