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Street Smarts


Staying Safe and Active Outdoors During COVID-19

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Street Smarts is the Safe Routes to School program for the City of Davis--providing bicycle, pedestrian, and driver safety education. Our goal is to encourage walking and biking,  promote environmental and community health, and reduce traffic-related collisions and injuries. Our efforts target the leading problems:  speeding, distracted driving, and not following traffic safety rules like stop sign compliance and proper helmet use.

In addition to making our streets safer, Street Smarts promotes safe and fun forms of active transportation, and encourages you to ride a bike or walk whenever you can, and leave your car at home.  

Fewer cars=safer streets! Plus, the less we use our cars, the less we pollute the air; and clean air means a healthier planet.

So strap on your helmet, get out your walking shoes, and let’s hit the streets…the smart way! 


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Bike Trains and Walking School Buses

A bicycle train or walking school bus is a fun, easy, and safe way for children to get to school. It gets them ready and alert for class, and provides children with a healthy and active alternative to driving to school. A bike train is a group of children biking to school supervised by at least two adults. A walking school bus is the same except that the children travel by foot.

Use these helpful links to access more information to get started, or download our helpful guide to start your own:

Guide for Organizers

Talking to Children about Pedestrian Safety                  

Starting a Walking School Bus-The Basics & Useful Resources

Bicycling to School Together: A Bike Train Planning Guide

Walking School Buses and Bicycle Trains, Putting it into Practice


Giving Traffic Safety the Green Light

Launch of the Street Smarts program was an unprecedented public-private traffic safety effort. Partners include: Davis Chamber of Commerce, Davis Downtown Business Association, Davis Farmers Market, Davis Joint Unified School District, Davis Police Department, The Davis Enterprise, Unitrans, UC Davis and Yolo Transportation Management Association. 

Just as driving under the influence and recycling campaigns have led to shifts in public behavior, we are optimistic that Street Smarts will positively impact the actions of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.  After all, Street Smarts is about respecting the community where we live and work.

Living with safe streets makes Davis a nicer place to live, work, and play.  We welcome local businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations and individuals to become involved as Street Smarts partners and sponsors.  Please visit our Support and Sponsorship page for these opportunities.