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Staying Safe and Active Outdoors During Covid-19

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Staying Safe and Active Outdoors During Covid-19

The California State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health is ordering all individuals living in the State of California to stay home or at their place of residence.

Californians can walk, run, hike and bike in their local neighborhoods as long as they continue to practice social distancing of 6 feet. Be sure to keep a healthy 6 feet away from those not in your household, and stay home if you are sick.


The average size bike is 6ft in length 

(Image adapted from Minnesota Department of Health)

Getting outside is a great way to keep your family physically and mentally healthy during this stressful time. This webpage includes ideas for staying active outdoors in your neighborhood along with resources for helping kids stay safe while walking and biking.

Planning your Route

Whether planning a walk or biking trip, Google Maps (see the walking and biking tabs) and the Davis Bike Map & Suggested Routes to School Maps may be helpful. Look for low to medium volume streets with lower speeds and supportive infrastructure like stop signs, stop lights and overhead flashers.  

Family Walks

Walking Route Ideas:

Davis Public Art Tour

  • We are pleased to be updating our map and guide to Public Art in Davis, with the support of Marc Hoshovsky and the UC Davis Design Department. The Website is organized into neighborhood regions. Check out maps and images of public art
  • The City of Davis guide to public art provides a walking tour of public art around Davis. You can download a copy here: DavisArtMap.

History Walking Resources

  • As part of the national bicentennial celebrations in 1976, the City of Davis created a walking/bicycling tour to explore the history of Davis.  The current version of the tour does not include a specific route to follow. Explore these historic locations that are close to your home (Davis Historic Bike Tour).

Nature/Science Walking Resources

  • If you like Apps – CornellLAb has created an app for Bird ID
  • Davis Residents live in the Putah Creek Watershed - read about the watershed district you live in, and then on your walk make observations that confirm or challenge what you have learned. Putah Creek Watershed.
  • Curious about Landmark Trees in Davis? – here is a list of the Davis landmark trees species and where you can find them. Davis Landmark Tree List

Pedestrian Safety Instruction

A family walk is a great time to teach your children pedestrian safety. There are less cars on the road but that might mean cars moving faster and more delivery trucks.  Here are some resources to help teach pedestrian safety.

Mindful Walking

Mindful walking combines physical activity and mindfulness--both which will lower stress levels. First, the adult care-giver develops the practice in themselves. Then the adult leads their children in the practice. The Mindful Walking Guide developed by Minneapolis Public Schools Culinary & Wellness Service, contains direct instruction for developing the practice and includes links to several online resources and videos to expand the practice.  UC Davis has also has a guide to Mindful Walks.

Family Bike Ride

Bicycle Safety Resources

A family bike ride is a great time to teach your children bicycle safety. Here are some resources to help.

Free Online Biking Curriculum

Project Smart Ride

This video trains youth on essential facts about the laws and rules of the road.  After completing the video, kids will understand the fundamentals like riding on the street versus the sidewalk; right-of-way rules and how to navigate intersections.   This video is most appropriate for ages 9–14, and is segmented into ten chapters. Project Smart Ride

Cycling Savvy

An online program that will be used at UC Davis soon and there is a free essential course - . Try the free program and if you like the style and it is in your budget, the basic course online for $35.

Online Learning Resources

Eugene Springfield Safe Routes To School has complied a fabulous resource of bike and pedestrian online learning resources by grade level: 

Distance Learning online resources

Biking Route Ideas

The City of Davis has 70 miles of pathways and 50 miles of bike lanes. Taking advantage of the fantastic bike infrastructure can give your child an up-close understanding of urban planning, public investment, and how the built environment affects the user experience. 

  • Davis Bike Loop (Davis Bike Map) – Page 2 of the map includes the Bike Loop Route. 

Stay Active at Home:

Safe Routes to School National partnered with a number of organizations working to increase physical education and activity in and out of schools, and many of these partners have released resources for continuing physical education at home.  Explore and make use of these resources during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

Facebook Live workouts, prerecorded videos, and activity packs for kids at home (BOKS)

Monday-Friday recess live on Facebook (Playworks)

Mind and Body Calendars and other resources (Shape America)

Resources to support the physical, social, and emotional health of children and    caregivers (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

Fitness Breaks with Pro Athletes (Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

 Special Olympics challenges


Again, remember at main 6 feet from others when you are walking or biking with your family (see safe use of parks/open space during COVID-19)

This document was adapted from Jenny Bordon | Active Living Coordinator Minneapolis Public Schools.