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Lock your bike

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Locking your bicycle

Most importantly, lock your bike. Even if you’re going to leave it for just a second, lock your bike. An unlocked bicycle is simple to walk or ride off with. Once it has left the area it will disappear into the many other bicycles being used around Davis. Even a flimsy lock greatly increases the effort required to steal your bicycle.

The rule of thumb for selecting where to park your bike

Short term bike parking- Bike racks are intended to be used for periods of time that are two hours or less.  

Long term bike parking- Secure bike parking that is intended to be used for periods of time that are longer than two hours.  Long term bike parking offers increased levels of security in lit, covered, and permanently anchored locations, which are close to entrances.  Long term bike parking includes storage lockers, locked rooms and enclosures, and parking areas internal to the building.

How to lock your bicycle

Lock your bicycle correctly. Use a U-shaped lock or heavy chain to secure your bicycle to a secure bike rack. Make sure that the lock is made of hardened steel to reduce the ease with which it may be cut. Secure wheels with the U-lock or a cable, especially if they have quick releases. When securing wheels make sure that the lock goes around the rims and not just the spokes.

Do not lock only a wheel of your bicycle to a rack. A thief merely needs to release your wheel and walk off with your bicycle.

Do not simply lock your bicycle to itself. Your bicycle can be carried away.

Lock it right

Increase the likelihood of recovery after theft

Regardless of what you do if your bicycle is stolen you will most likely never see it again. However, there are some steps you can take to increase the chances of being reunited with your stolen bicycle.

Bike licenses on bicycle collected over the years.

Register your bicycle

Keep a record of your serial number and register your bicycle. This will ensure you have proof of ownership for your bicycle and a means to identify it as yours. Report your stolen bicycle to the police with the serial number.

Track your bicycle

Get a Tile tracker. In an effort to help capture bike thieves, the Davis Bike Club has started a theft abatement program, turning the bikes you and I ride into “bait bikes” by equipping them with electronic tracking devices called “Tiles.” To learn more about this program and to find out about the next Tile-installation event, check out the Davis Bike Club Facebook page.

Do you have a cell phone? Do you want to help catch bike thieves? If you answered yes, here’s how you can help.

Download the Tile app — from — on your phone. You do not need a Tile to download the app. The more people with the app, the more likely it is for a stolen bike to be recovered and bike thieves to be prosecuted.

When someone reports their bike stolen using the Tile app, all phones with the app help find the activated Tile. If your phone is near the activated Tile it will send a message to the person who reported their bike stolen with information about the Tile’s last location.