Bike Share Business Permit

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Requirements for Bike Share Businesses

Bike Share Business Permit 

All bike share businesses wanting to operate in Davis must apply for a Bicycle Share Business Permit and comply with the Bicycle Share Business Ordinance.  

Steps to Apply for Bicycle Share Business Permit 

1. Complete the Bicycle Share Business Permit Application.   Businesses wanting to expand their system will need to submit a Bicycle Share Expansion Permit Application.  All Bicycle Share Business Applications follow the same process and will incur the same fees.  Bicycle share business permits are renewed annually.  Operators must have an up to date permit to operate within the City of Davis.  

2.  Applications shall be mailed to City of Davis, Bike and Pedestrian Program, 1717 5th Street, Davis, CA 95616.  Applications must be received with application fee in order to be reviewed.  

3.  Pay $2,000 non-refundable application review fee at time of submittal.  All applications will be reviewed by the City of Davis, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator.  The non-refundable review fee includes 12 hours of review time.  If the application requires more than 12 hours to review, the applicant will be contacted.  The applicant will be charged $202 per hour for any review beyond 12 hours.   Please make checks or money orders payable to "The City of Davis".   

4. Once the Bicycle Share Business Permit is approved the applicant will need to apply for a City of Davis Business License.  A business license is required before the City can approve the Revocable Use Permit, Durable Encroachment Permit, and Building Permit.  

Bikes Stations and Parking

The City of Davis Bicycle Share Business Ordinance requires all bike share bikes to be properly secured to bicycle racks and users shall not leave a bicycle share bicycle unattended and lying on its side on any portion of the sidewalk, street or highway so as to obstruct pedestrian or vehicular travel.  

The Bicycle Share Ordinance requires that all bike share operators shall ensure that customers are informed that bikes must be properly secured to bike racks.  

All bicycle share operators must provide and maintain at least 1.5 bicycle parking spaces in the city for every bicycle operated by the bicycle share business, as approved by the city.  The bicycle parking spaces shall be provided on bicycle racks that satisfy the city's bicycle parking guidelines, to the satisfaction of the director of public works.  

All non-electric bicycle share parking spaces shall be open for all bicycles to use.  The City of Davis is allowing for all bicycle share operators to park at City-owned bicycle racks.  

Bike share parking can be permitted within the public right-of-way.  Applicants installing bicycle racks or bicycle parking stations will need to apply for engineering and planning permits.  

Encroachment Permit (Construction)

This permit allows you to work within the city right-of-way.  Applicants will need a Encroachment Permit (Construction) if they plan to install bike racks or signs. 

  • Some bike share station locations will require a traffic control plan.  
  • The applicant will also need to place "No Parking" Signs 72-hours in advance of any work.  
  • Provide construction schedule to City Staff.  
  • All submittals for Encroachment Permits (Construction) may be sent to
  • Permit Fees

Durable Encroachment Permit

A Durable Encroachment Permit allows the applicant to operate their business within the right-of-way.  This type of permit is needed for any bicycle rack, station, or sign placed on city property.  The durable encroachment permit is renewed annually.  The applicant will be charged a durable encroachment fee for each bike share station location.  The City has the right to suspend, revoke, or modify this permit.  All submittals for Durable Encroachment Permits may be sent to  

Plans for Durable Encroachment Permits shall include:

1. Site Plan including:

  • Davis location map.
  • Birds-eye aerial of project area
  • Conceptual drawing with measurements of bike station, right-of-way, and plan for accouterments (wheel stops, striping, vertical bollards). 
  • If installing concrete pad- concrete pad must meet city bus shelter standards- Processed soil 95% relative compaction- 6 inches in depth, ¾” A.B.- 4 inches in depth, Concrete- 4” in depth. 
  • Site location
  • Site coordinates
  • Type of bike share station- on-street, off-street, geo-fenced.
  • Owner of land
  • Size of station- how many bike parking spaces?
  • Type of racks in station
  • Power source
  • How bikes will enter and exit the bike share station?
  • Installation notes- Will vegetation be removed?  Removing existing vehicle parking? Removing existing bike parking?  Maintain 7' bike lane?
  • Permit Fees

2.  Bike rack specifications.  The city recommends two styles of bike racks.  The SCH Enterprises, LLC Lightning Bolt LR Series bike rack and Ground Control Systems Varsity style bike rack.  We highly encourage that your bike share bikes be able to securely lock to these bike racks.  If you plan to install another type of bike rack.  The rack would need to meet the City of Davis bike parking standards and be approved by the Director of Public Works.  

3.  Signage specifications including:

  • Include location of sign on site plan. 
  • Size and weight of the sign
  • Wind load calculations
  • Details of bolts and footings
  • Sign messaging- advertisement, sponsorship, map, informational messaging. 

Building Permit

The applicant is required to apply for a building permit for any signs or structures placed within city rights-of-way or on private property.  All signs and structures must be approved before installation.

Electricity Connections

Please provide the following information if you plan to use electricity at your bike share station.  

  • Electrical plan showing bike share station site and electrical connection.
  • Electrical needs in voltage and currents
  • How many charging units?
  • How many dedicated circuits are you needing?
  • Agreement to update lighting panel with labels for new connections
  • Agreement to use City panels and equipment including a maintenance plan.
  • Agreement to pay City for power usage.

If you have any questions about the Bicycle Share Permitting process please contact Jennifer Donofrio, City of Davis, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator at or 530-747-8284.