Bike and Pedestrian Statistics

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Bike Parking Data 

In April 2018, The City of Davis inventoried all the bike parking in downtown Davis and collected occupancy data.  To only see the locations of existing bike parking locations use the Davis Bike Parking Map.  If you would like to see the occupancy of downtown bike parking, then check out the Davis Bike Parking Occupancy Map.


Bike Count Data

There are two active counters in the City of Davis. Here is data compiled monthly as exported from the Eco-Counter dashboard in a Microsoft Excel worksheet (.xlsx) format. Contact with any questions or comments.

Check that the data file format for each has not changed between files, Eco-Counter is continually modifying the formatting of the output.

Loyola and Drexel

Eco-Counter PYRO Box on the shared use path west of Pole Line Rd between Drexel Dr and Loyola Dr. This counter uses a passive infrared pyroelectric sensor to detect bicycle and pedestrian traffic. This counter has a directional sensor. Westbound movement is labeled OUT and eastbound movement is labeled IN. This counter does not distinguish between bicycles and pedestrians.

3rd Street

Eco-Counter ZELT counters associated with the Eco-Display showing live counts along 3rd St. The inductive loop detectors only detect bicycles and are located around the intersection of 3rd St and University Ave. There are detectors for westbound bicycles on the north side of the Davis Needle and eastbound bicycles on the south side.