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Bike Parking Information for Developers

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What Developers need to know about adding bike parking to their projects

What to Consider when placing a bike rack

  • How much space is available?
  • Can a person walking or in a wheelchair get around a parked bike?
  • Is the bike rack away from the car door zone?
  • Is the bike rack conveniently located near a building entrance? 
  • Think about security and potential bike theft. 
  • Is there concrete to install the bike rack? Bike racks must be bolted to concrete.
  • Who owns the property? The city installs bike racks only on public property. 
  • What about adding bike parking on private property (schools, shopping centers, apartment complexes...)? I recommend contacting the business or property management company directly and make a request.

Information About City Bike Racks

The City installs two types of bike racks:

  • Ground Control Systems formerly Park A Bike's Varsity style bike rack.   

Ground Control Systems
Corporate Headquarters | 708 Alhambra Blvd. suite 200 Sacramento, CA 95816
Toll Free: 1.800.630.7225

  • SCH Enterprises, LLC Lighting Bolt LR Series bike racks.  Click here to read the specifications for the bike racks and installation information.  These racks have a 3-point support, which keeps bikes upright and aligned.   

SCH Enterprises, LLC

79405 HWY 111, Suite 9 PMB 466 | La Qunita, California 92253
Telephone: 503.364.1353

 Bike Rack Design Guidelines

 All bike racks installed in the City of Davis need to be selected and installed in such a manner that will enhance convenience and maximize security. Listed below are basic parameters that should be adhered to when selecting and purchasing bike racks:

1. Selected bike racks should be designed in such a way that they will guide the wheel, not bind it. "Wheel benders" (racks with vertical slats) or any other similar designs are not acceptable.

2. An acceptable bike rack will have at least two points of contact to support a bike leaning against it (many bikes currently being sold do not come with kickstands, such as expensive road bikes and mountain bikes). Additionally, bike rack designs including moving or stationary parts with the potential for scraping the paint on a bike when parked will not be approved.

3. Bike rack designs must incorporate elements that will allow for the locking of the frame and at least one wheel of a bike with any kind of lock, especially high security "u-locks."

 Bike Requirements per City Code

 The City of Davis Bike Parking Ordinance establishes definitions and standards for bike parking throughout the City of Davis.