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Youth Services

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The Davis Police Department's Youth Services Division is staffed by one Youth Intervention Specialist who manages the following programs: Diversion, Juvenile Restorative Justice, Truancy Reduction, and Parent Project.


Diversion is an informal process where first time juvenile offenders who are arrested for non-violent crimes, are diverted from the regular judicial process. Instead, they voluntarily agree to have their case handled informally through the Davis Police Department. In order to participate in the Diversion Program, the juvenile offender must first admit responsibility for the offense they committed, voluntarily agree to waive their right to have the case sent to the Yolo County Probation Department for formal judicial proceedings and agree to voluntarily participate in the diversion process.

After an initial assessment regarding eligibility is made, the Youth Intervention Specialist meets with the juvenile and their parent(s)/guardians(s) to determine whether the family wants to participate. If so, an individualized agreement/contract is made. The diversion contract may include: monthly meetings for 6 months; attend school, generating no unexcused absences and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0; completing a 500 word essay relative to the offense; voluntarily participate in drug screening and community service hours at a local non-profit. The agreement may also include referrals to local licensed clinicians for therapy, anger management and/or substance abuse counseling.

The goal of the Program is for the juvenile to improve decision making skills through behavior modification, education and support. The Youth Intervention Specialist works closely with patrol officers, the School Resource Officer, the School District, Yolo County DA's Office and Yolo County Probation to ensure the juvenile and his/her family are getting the support they need. If the juvenile successfully completes the Diversion Program, the case is dismissed with no formal proceedings needed. If the juvenile fails to successfully complete the Program, the case is then forwarded to the Juvenile Probation Department for formal disposition.


Restorative justice is an approach to justice that focuses on the needs of the victims AND the offenders as well as the involved community. Similar to the Diversion Program, the Restorative Justice Program diverts the juvenile from the formal judicial process and qualified cases are handled informally, in-house. For more information on restorative justice, and the Davis Juvenile Restorative Justice Program specifically, please click here.


The Davis Police Department, Davis Joint Unified School District, Yolo County DA's Office and Yolo County Probation have joined forces in an effort to decrease truancy during the school year. Together these agencies have developed a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the truancy issue which includes intervention at various levels and escalates to enforcement and legal consequences for failing to attend school. Following extensive intervention efforts with families, habitually truant students may be cited for education code violations which carry infraction penalties, community service hours and driving privilege suspension or delay up to one year. Parents who continue to contribute to their child's delinquency by allowing habitual truancy may face misdemeanor criminal charges. For more information on the truancy reduction program, and truancy in general, please click here.


Parent Project is a series of classes that help parents who have strong willed or difficult teens, enhance their parental control. These classes are for parents who are struggling with strong willed or out of control teens, enhancing parental control and skill building. Parent Project classes are typically offered in the fall and spring of each year and are co-facilitated by a Davis School District secondary school counselor, vice principal or crisis manager. For more on Parent Project, please visit the following link: