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I received a parking citation for not having Current Registration Tabs on my vehicle; 5204(a) CVC, how do I fix this?


The fee for this citation is $117; or will be reduced to $10.00 with proof of correction within 21  days of receiving the ciation. In order to obtain proof, please follow these steps:

1. You must obtain your current registration tabs from the DMV, after you do so, place them on your vehicle.

2. You will then need to go to your nearest local law enforcement office, take the citation with you, a law enforcement representative will sign off the back of the citation after viewing the vehicle to confirm the registration tabs are affixed.

3. Bring in your off the signed citation and the $10 proof of correction fee (within 21 days of receiving the citation) to the Davis Police Department, 2600 Fifth Street Davis, CA 95618.


How do I request a citation review? What should I include with my citation review form?


You can submit your citation review online by clicking HERE. Make sure to include any information you wish to be considered, including diagrams and/or photographs. Do not attach your original citation(s). Keep your original cite for your records.


Will I be charged a late fee while my citation is under review (goes past the 21-day due date)?


If the review form is received within the 21 CALDENDAR DAYS of the citation issue date, there will be no late fee placed on your account while it is under review.