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Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood-Watch2The Davis Police Department believes that residents who work in conjunction with the police are the most successful in reducing crime. In Davis, Neighborhood Watch groups work with their respective “beat officers” to prevent crime and maintain security in their individual neighborhoods.

A Neighborhood Watch group consists of neighbors, typically 15-20 homes, who are committed to maintaining the safety and quality of life on their residential block. The Neighborhood Watch program counts on citizens to organize themselves, work with the Davis Police Department through a Neighborhood Watch Liaison, and keep a trained eye on their neighborhood while demonstrating their presence at all times.  It is through that persistent presence that criminals are deterred. Participants also have the opportunity to communicate their safety and quality of life concerns to the assigned Liaisons, who may be able to help resolve emerging neighborhood problems.

What Does a Neighborhood Liaison Do?

Each Neighborhood Watch is responsible for selecting a “Neighborhood Watch Liaison” who is responsible for coordinating the group. The Liaison should be someone who is willing to:

  • Keep contact information current for the neighborhood.
  • Communicate with the Davis Police Department about crime trends or problems.
  • Communicate Crime Alert information to the group.
  • Hold meetings to discuss neighborhood issues.

How Often Should We Have a Meeting?

An organized and cohesive neighborhood is the most successful in reducing crime. It is recommended neighborhoods meet as often as possible, but no less than twice a year.  The Neighborhood Liaison is responsible for getting the group together and notifying the Police Department so the beat officer can attend meetings.

Meetings don’t have to be formal.  In fact, barbecues and other casual gatherings are a great way for neighbors to get to know each other.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch

The Davis Police Department can help start and organize a Neighborhood Watch group. Trained Crime Prevention staff will help organize neighbors, provide crime data, and instructions on how to prevent crime using the “Neighborhood Watch Toolkit”. If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group, please contact the Davis Police Department at 530-747-5400.