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Michele Hardy
PSS Supervisor
(530) 747-5411

Davis Police Department
2600 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95618

Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design (CPTED)

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) includes strategies implemented to directly modify the physical environment (residential or commercial) of targets to reduce criminal opportunity. For example, reducing the height of front yard bushes may increase the chance that a crime will be seen by a neighbor or passerby.  

The goals of CPTED are to:

Increase Quality of Life

Decrease Fear of Crime

Decrease Crime

There are six CPTED strategies that can be applied to a target. These strategies include: Natural Surveillance, Access Management, Territoriality, Physical Maintenance, Order Maintenance, and Activity Support. Each strategy employs a slightly different method, but all send a clear message to criminals that their activity is unwelcomed. A survey will assess all six strategies and compare it to design elements, rate the results, and recommend any necessary changes.

The Crime Prevention unit has conducted CPTED assessments of personal residences, apartments, and commercial properties. If you are interested in having your property surveyed, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 530-747-5400.