Crime Prevention

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Contact Information

Michele Hardy
PSS Supervisor
(530) 747-5411

Davis Police Department
2600 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95618

The Davis Police Department has an active Crime Prevention Unit, which oversees Neighborhood Watch, Crime Free Multi-Housing, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessments, and vacation house checks.  The primary goal of the Crime Prevention Unit is to use the community as a force multiplier in crime reduction. The Crime Prevention Unit has participated in Celebrate Davis, National Night Out, Davis Neighbor’s Night Out, Adopt-A-Park, Fall Patrol and various safety presentations.

Davis Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch program is a crime reduction program where citizens work together with law enforcement to combat and prevent crime in their neighborhoods. Currently, Davis PD works with 155 Neighborhood Watch groups. These groups exist in all parts of Davis, with a typical group size consisting of 15-20 homes. For more information on the Neighborhood Watch program, please click here.

The Davis Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to help residents, owners, and managers associated with rental properties keep narcotics and other illegal activity out of their respective communities. Davis PD provides tools and annual training to all multi-housing stakeholders in an effort to assist them in crime issues that are unique to shared properties. To date, Davis PD has 41 Crime Free Multi-Housing participants. For more information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing program, please click here.

Going out of town? Check out our Vacation House Check Program
provided by our Police Volunteers.