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Contact Information

Deanne Machado 
Intel & Resource Manager
(530) 747-5437

Davis Police Department
2600 Fifth Street
Davis, CA 95618

Crime Analysis

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The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is currently comprised of one Intelligence & Resource Analyst, one full-time Police Services Specialist, and several volunteers.  CAU provides the department with information and intelligence related to ongoing crime series, emerging trends, "hot spot" crime locations and offenders.  Since this information changes frequently, the goal of CAU is to equip officers with the latest, quality information available so they an efficiently prevent and reduce crime in Davis.

CAU creates a wide variety of products for the department which include but are not limited to: lineups, statistical summaries/charts, ping maps, link analyses, offender workups and weekly crime bulletins.  CAU works closely with other analysts within and outside of Yolo County to promote information sharing and crime reduction.

To learn more about recent crime incidents in the City of Davis, please visit our Crime Mapper.