Bicycle Registration

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Welcome to the City of Davis Bicycle Registration System. This online system allows you to submit detailed information regarding your bicycle, including a photo and/or a copy of your receipt, to the Police Department. Oftentimes, when a bike is reported stolen, the serial number is not readily available. The serial number and description, when provided, allows Dispatchers to enter the property into the California Automated Property System which makes it easier to contact the rightful owner when the bike is recovered.

Please have the following required information ready before clicking the link below to register your bicycle:

  • Name (Do not use hyphens – e.g. Smith-Brown should be SmithBrown)
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Make, Model and Serial Number* of Bicycle
  • Color and Speed of Bicycle
  • Boys or Girls frame
  • Detailed Description of the Bicycle
  • Optional items such as a photo or copy of receipt can be uploaded

*If you do NOT have the serial number you can engrave your own number on the bike and provide that in the serial number field. Although it is not recommended to use NONE or UNKNOWN for the serial number, if you do, please also submit a photo of you with your bike to prove ownership.

Please see the following resources if you are unable to locate the serial number on your bike.

After submitting your bicycle information, you will receive an email with a copy of your registration. Thank you for using the Davis Police Department Bicycle Registration System.

Bicycle Registration Form