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Contact Information

(530) 757-5626
(530) 758-0204 FAX
(530) 757-5666 TDD

Office Address
23 Russell Boulevard
Davis, CA 95616

Office Hours
Monday – Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Rentals - Facilities, Fields, and Parks

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, all city facilities are unavailable for rental through October 4, 2020. If you have a reservation and have not received a call from our office, please email or call (530) 757-5626 option 2. Please stay safe!

Choose a Facility:

Schedules for selected facilities are available online 

Interested facility users are encouraged to visit buildings they might want to rent. To make an appointment for a facility tour call (530) 757-5664. 

Check on a Date:

Check the availability of the facility online or by calling (530) 757-5626 (option 2). Facility Reservations are not accepted over the phone.

Facilities, Fields and Picnic Area Fees Effective September 1:

Fill out an Application:

 Rental Information:

 House Rules:

Facility Rental Applications are accepted at the Parks and Community Services office during business hours. A completed application along with a refundable cleaning/damage deposit ($200 to $500, depending on facility) are required to reserve a facility. Facility rental applications are accepted a minimum of 30 days in advance, and a maximum of 24 months in advance. No dates will be held or reserved without payment of the deposit. Know the date and times of your event, and be sure to include time for setup and clean-up. If times are uncertain due to advanced reservation, overestimate time to be safe - you can adjust your reservation up to 30 days in advance.

Liability Insurance naming the City of Davis as additionally insured is required for all field rentals and facility rentals. Picnic area rentals that will include a bounce house, water access, or alcohol also requires Liability Insurance naming the City of Davis as additionally insured.The City of Davis reserves the right to require any insurance for rental of any City facility depending upon event, activity, or facility being used.

Security personnel may be required depending upon the number of attendees at your event/rental and if alcohol is being sold or consumed.

Set Final Time and Pay Fees.

30 days prior to your event all fees are due and reserved times must be confirmed. Included with your rental fees will be a cleaning/damage deposit which is refundable as long as the facility is left clean and undamaged at the end of your event.

Cancellation Policy.

If the reservation is canceled less than 90 days in advance, the rental fee up to the amount of the deposit is forfeited. Cancellations made less than 30 days will forfeit the whole rental fee.

Turn in floor plans and work out last minute details.

Floor plans are due to the City 30 days prior to the reservation (Veterans' Memorial Center and the Senior Center). For any last minute changes or questions regarding set up, event planning, or available equipment or special services, please call our office.

The day of your event:

Arrive at the facility at the scheduled start time of your rental (remember, no items may be dropped off prior to this time). At the Veterans Memorial Center and Senior Center a facility staff member will ask you to review and sign a copy of the cleaning/damage form. At staffed buildings, facility staff will be present in the building to assist you, if needed.

At the end of your event, you must end by the indicated time. Clean-up involves returning the building to the condition it was at your arrival - this may include cleaning and putting away furniture, picking up trash, sweeping, and other similar tasks. You may be responsible for cleaning other areas of the building used by your group, such as the lobby and entrance areas. Basic cleaning equipment and supplies are provided. At the Veterans Memorial Center and Senior Center staff will put away the tables and chairs.

When approved, cleaning deposit refunds are issued within 3 to 4 weeks.

Picnic Area Reservations

Choose a park.

The Picnic Area Rental Information and Rates has information that describes the parks with areas available for rental from the City of Davis, including location, size, available amenities.

Please Note: Some picnic areas are subject to the Open Container Ordinance, which prohibits open containers of alcoholic beverages in certain areas.

Check on a date.

Call (530) 757-5626 (option 2) to check the availability of the park you would like to reserve. If the date and time you are interested in is available, you must fill out the application form to make your reservation.

Sign the reservation form and make payment.

All deposits and fees are due when the reservation is made fourteen days prior to the date of the reservation. Payment of fees must be made in person at our office, because you will need to sign a waiver form and pick up your facility use permit. Your payment will include a cleaning/damage deposit ($20.00 to $200.00) and an hourly rental rate that will depend on the group size. For more information, please see the Rental Rates page. If payment is not received by the due date, your reservation will be cancelled.

Enjoy your event!

The day of your reservation, take your use permit. The pink copy of the reservation form is your permit to use the area. There will be a sign at the park stating that the area is subject to reservation, but no notice will be posted that the area has been reserved. Please note: Barbecues may only be set up on paved or non-landscaped (dirt, decomposed granite) areas. If you bring glass containers (bottles, jars), we ask that you take them with you when you leave.

You may not bring motor vehicles into the park without a pre-purchased Drive on Paved Path Permit. Vehicles are not permitted on turf or grass surfaces. Bounce Houses are not allowed without a pre-purchased Bounce House Permit.

Athletic Fields

The City of Davis has many athletic fields for baseball, softball, soccer, and other sports available for reservation. Note that grass on athletic fields is not mowed to competitive heights. Please call (530) 757-5626 for more information about athletic field reservations. Reservations made 30 days prior to use is requested. Fields with lights have an additional light fee when lights are used.

Playfields Park

This facility is the City of Davis' premier sports facility. There is a snack bar, two softball fields, one baseball fields, and an all weather soccer field. The ball fields require prep at an additional cost. This facility is great for company picnics and softball tournaments. Don't forget to check out the Playfields Park Conditions of Use.