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Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

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Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

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The City of Davis initiated an integrated geographic information system (GIS) program in 2000 to support city projects and to provide maps and geographic information to the public. GIS is a technology and a work process to integrate spatial information with tabular data to create maps and to provide insight on trends and metrics to support the various city programs. The technology has evolved to include desktop applications for mapping as well as mobile and web-based systems. Over the past decade, the City of Davis has integrated GIS into programs that formerly had no mapping component or that relied primarily on printed maps that were infrequently updated. The City of Davis currently uses GIS in many program areas including:

  • Crime analysis and support to police professionals
  • Providing locations of crimes to the public through daily map updates
  • Mobile incident and location mapping in police and fire vehicles
  • Automated mapping of 911 calls in the city emergency dispatch center
  • Providing briefing maps at City Council meetings and at various city commissions
  • Mapping and tracking maintenance for city trees on parks, greenbelts, and streets
  • Mapping and maintaining city assets on parks and greenbelts
  • Support for ongoing programs in city planning, parks planning, open space, and economic development
  • Automating work processes such as property use requirement queries and generating public notice addresses
  • Providing public access to interactive and static web maps and GIS data to download

Other city functions are being integrated with GIS including a citywide street sign inventory, traffic collision mapping, water and wastewater mapping, and city street and bike atlas mapping.

The City of Davis is a member of the Yolo GIS Cooperative that includes the City of Woodland, the City of West Sacramento, County of Yolo, UC Davis, and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG). The Yolo GIS Cooperative provides a means to share project costs, acquire grant funding, and leverage technical expertise between GIS staff in the various agencies.

The citywide GIS program is coordinated through the city Information Systems Division.

Free printed street maps and bicycle maps of Davis can be obtained at the Davis Chamber of Commerce office at 604 3rd Street at the corner of E Street in Davis.