Pole Line Road / Olive Drive (Bike) Connection

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Project Update 3/2/20

This is a federally funded project through Caltrans using Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds. We have submitted our funding allocation request for the March 25, 2020, California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting. Once this is approved, we will be able to bid the project and hope to be awarding late April or early May and beginning work in late June. The projected working days for this project is 180 working days or approximately 9 months.

Project Benefits

This project will increase pedestrian and bicycle safety by providing access from South Davis to Downtown and from Olive Drive to East or South Davis. This is especially important for school-age children; by connecting the Olive Drive neighborhood to the two-way multi-use path on the Pole Line Road overcrossing, the project will safely connect the Olive Drive neighborhood to the primary pedestrian and bicycle route to Montgomery Elementary School.  This access will reduce route distance from 2.6 to 1.2 miles and improve safety for school-age children.

Project Description - Pole Line Road / Olive Drive (Bike) Connection (PLRODC)

The City of Davis is building a pedestrian-bicycle ramp to connect the Olive Drive Pedestrian / Bicycle Trail to the Pole Line Road Overcrossing Bridge at I-80. The ramp connects the east end of Olive Drive and the existing Class I Olive Drive bicycle path to the two-way, multi-use path on the Pole Line Road Overcrossing. This linear ramp bridge would be a new cast-in-place, reinforced-concrete box-girder bridge and is anticipated to be approximately 14 feet wide and 408 feet long with a longitudinal slope of 8 percent. The six piles of the supporting columns for the proposed bridge would reach depths between 60 and 80 feet, and be approximately 6 by 6 feet square. The project includes modification of the existing Olive Drive bicycle path through realignment at the connection to the linear ramp bridge, tree and vegetation removal, planting of replacement trees, and reconstruction of existing bicycle path pavement due to current pavement condition.


This project began as a follow-up to the City of Davis Walk and Bike Audit Report, published March 2014. Improvements described and recommended in the Montgomery Elementary School section of the report were selected by the City for an Active Transportation Program project for which funding was secured.

The Transportation Implementation Plan (TIP) identified the Pole Line Road-Olive Drive Connection/Montgomery WBAR Improvements, CIP No. 8313, as a high priority project. This project was studied as part of the Richards/Olive Corridor Study (ROCS) and presented to City Council in November 2016.

This project was submitted for regional and/or state grant funding four times in four years. The third submittal to the statewide ATP program resulted in a high overall score (86.5 of 100), but was not selected for funding due to intense competition statewide. The cutoff score in that cycle was 88. Due to the passage of SB1 the California Transportation Commission (CTC) augmented funding for the statewide ATP program. Recognizing the large number of excellent unfunded projects throughout the state from the previous cycle, the CTC opted to select projects from that list via a short, supplemental application that staff submitted in July 2017. On August 31, the CTC released its list of recommended projects, including the City’s Pole Line Road / Olive Drive Connection project for $3,540,000.

The excerpt below from the supplemental grant application briefly summarizes the project:

“This project will construct a new bike and pedestrian facility, connecting the Olive Drive neighborhood to the existing multi-use path on the Pole Line Road overcrossing, significantly strengthening the City's multi-use path network, reducing the distance to community destinations (including Montgomery Elementary School), and improving safety for this disadvantaged community. The Montgomery Elementary School improvements will benefit all children that attend the school by improving safety by eliminating right turn slip-lanes, conflicts between turning vehicles and crossing bike paths, and poor yield rate by drivers in right turn lanes.”

Wood Rodgers was retained to prepare preliminary exhibits and cost estimates for selected locations in the Montgomery School locale, in preparation for eventual development into complete construction documents for bidding and construction.

Project Cost and Funding Source


Funding comes from a Federal Grant ($3,540,000), with the rest from General Fund (2.5%) and Road Development Impact Fees (16%).

Commission Reviews

The design was presented to the Bicycle, Transportation, and Street Safety Commission on April 12, 2018. Staff Report (PDF)



Community Outreach

A community meeting was held on October 2, 2019 to provide information on the project. 

PowerPoint from 10/2 Community Meeting on Olive Drive

City Council Reviews

Pre-Design Authorization for Wood Rodgers:

Design Authorization for Wood Rodgers:

Cooperative Agreement with Caltrans:

Environmental Documents

Preliminary Environmental Study Form (PDF)

Notice of Exemption (PDF)

CEQA Categorical Exemption Memo - September 17, 2019 (PDF)

Categorical Exemption for National Environmental Policy Act (PDF)

Project Documents

Draft Foundation Report - February 14, 2020 (PDF)

Pole Line Ramp Structure Phase II - December 2018 (PDF)

Pole Line Road OC As-Builts 39 (PDF)

Pole Line Road OC As-Builts 40 (PDF)

Pole Line Road OC As-Builts 81 (PDF)

Construction Phase

Contract Documents (Coming Soon)