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Employment - Fire Department - City of Davis  

 How to become a Davis Firefighter

  • Eighteen years of age

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • California Drivers License

  • California State Firefighter I Certificate

  • Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

  • College Degree

    • Associates in Fire Technology

    • Bachelors Degree

  • Prior Paid Fire Fighting Experience

  • Prior Volunteer Fire Fighting Experience

  • Specialized Training

    • Paramedic

    • Hazardous Materials First Responder

    • Swift Water Rescue

    • Other Related Training

Pursuing a career in the Fire Service can be a very long and labor intensive journey.  It requires full dedication and a serious desire to succeed. The first step in the hiring process is the application. Since the occupation of a firefighter is in such high demand, many fire departments, such as Davis, put a cap on the number of applications that will be accepted. 

After the application is accepted the firefighter candidate must take a written examination. The exam generally lasts about two hours and covers subjects like English, math, memorization and mechanical aptitude. 

Upon passing the written exam the candidate is invited to take the physical agility test. This is a test of the candidate’s endurance and stamina. The test is specifically job related with components consisting of hoisting, pulling, dragging, climbing and maneuvering various pieces of equipment through a set course. 

If the physical agility test is completed correctly within the given time, the candidate moves on to the oral interview. There are generally five people on the interview board inquiring about the candidate’s experience, qualifications, education, decision making skills and ability to work in a team environment. 

After passing the oral interview, the candidate advances to an interview with the Fire Chief. At this point, a tentative job offer may be made be the Chief. The candidate must then go through a background investigation, medical exam and psychological evaluation. 

The candidate who has successfully completed all the steps described above will become a City of Davis Firefighter, pending the completion of an eighteen-month probationary period.  While it can be very difficult to obtain a position as a firefighter, many people find it to be a rewarding and exciting career. There are many qualified candidates in the job market today, but with perseverance and a desire to succeed anyone can become a firefighter.