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The City of Davis Fire Department provides pre-hospital emergency medical services at the EMT-1D level; minimizes loss from fires, hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters and other emergency services; and ensures that the community's emergency service resources are effectively and efficiently managed. We also coordinate citywide planning for large scale disasters and emergency incidents.

The City of Davis Fire Department is staffed by 36 shift personnel (9 captains and 27 firefighters). The shift personnel are divided into three shifts, with each shift working a 24 hour day. The department's facilities include three fire stations located in Central, West, and South Davis.

Grass ApparatusDepartment apparatus consists of 3 engines, 1 rescue, 1 squad, 2 grass/wildland units, 1 water tender, 2 reserve engines, three command vehicles, two fire prevention staff vehicles, and two antique fire apparatus.

The Fire Department has contractual agreements with the East Davis County Fire Protection District, the Springlake Fire Protection District, and the No Man's Land Fire Protection District for emergency response to these areas. The city and these three districts are divided into 7 emergency first-response areas. These areas provide a clearly defined territory for dispatching the nearest fire and EMS personnel and equipment to an emergency.

The department has an automatic aid agreement with the cities of Woodland, West Sacramento, and Dixon and a mutual aid agreement with all other fire protection agencies in Yolo County and in the State of California.

Fire Stations Locations

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