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  For questions or concerns related to Davis business compliance with the 
Yolo County Shelter in Place Order please email

City of Davis Information

April 2, 2020 - City of Davis Parks, Exercise Equipment, Sports Courts and Water Fountains Closed

Due to COVID-19, all play structures, exercise equipment, water fountains and sports courts are now closed and not available for use. These areas cannot be adequately sanitized for your family’s protection. #socialdistancing


April 2, 2020 - City of Davis Recreation Programming Cancellation Information

Please see this press release with details of City programming and facility rentals canceled through May 1.


April 1, 2020 - Yolo County Extends Shelter in Place Order to May 1 and Launches Online Dashboard

Yolo County has extended the countywide health order for residents to shelter in place through May 1. This extension is in line with the timeframes of recent federal directives and local school closure extensions and is intended to continue to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The original health order that was issued on March 18 only extended to April 7.

Yolo County Press Release

Original Order and Extension

For the new Yolo County COVID-19 dashboard, visit:


March 25, 2020 - Davis City Council Passes Emergency Eviction Moratorium and Economic Relief Measures

The City of Davis announced today that the Davis City Council voted unanimously to adopt an urgency ordinance that states that residential and commercial landlords cannot evict renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic during this period of local emergency.

For evictions, the ordinance states that the tenant must provide written notice to the landlord regarding inability to pay rent because of lost income and financial impacts due to COVID-19 no later than 10 days after the rent due date. The tenant must provide documentation of COVID-19 financial impacts within 30 days of the rent due date. Residential landlords may not initiate a no-fault eviction unless immediately necessary because of a hazardous condition (which would not include any condition related to COVID-19).

Other provisions of the ordinance are:

  • The tenant shall pay the portion of the rent the tenant is able to pay.
  • The tenant is not relieved of liability for unpaid rent, which the landlord may seek after the expiration of the local emergency.
  • The tenant must pay back rent within six months of the expiration of the local emergency

The Council also voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing the City Manager to waive new City utility bill late fees for all residential and commercial customers, thereby allowing late payments without penalty through May 2020. Customers need not apply and do not need to submit any special forms. The City will suspend water shut-offs for both commercial and residential accounts through May 2020. The City Manager is authorized to extend this date as may be necessary

The resolution also allows for the deferral of hotel transient occupancy tax (TOT) payments through May 2020. Local hotels can defer payments of their transient occupancy taxes (TOT) through May 2020 and develop a payment plan with the City.

The resolution also provides funding authorization for the City to join the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s Small Business Call Center and Rapid Response Program to provide seven-day-a week support services to our Davis businesses. The center provides resources and referrals to connect small businesses with assistance options. Participation in this program will augment the local assistance work with Davis Chamber of Commerce, Davis Downtown Business Association and Visit Yolo.

“The ordinance banning evictions during this emergency and the resolution temporarily deferring payments for City services during this time of unprecedented economic unrest were necessary to help create a safety net for the many people and businesses affected the by COVID-19 pandemic,” said Davis Mayor Brett Lee.

“Many people who have served us in Davis shops and restaurants are suddenly unemployed or underemployed and need our help,” said Dan Carson, Davis City Councilmember. “I’m glad we will be able to help our residents who are struggling to make ends meet because of the health emergency. We must all take a compassionate approach in this time of crisis.”

“During this unprecedented time, it is imperative for us to attempt to help those - both commercial and residential tenants - that will most need assistance, so that we don’t end up with additional vacant storefronts, empty houses, and apartments throughout Davis,” said Councilmember Lucas Frerichs.

Download a copy of Ordinance No. 2575 - An Urgency Ordinance of the City of Davis Adopting Emrgency Regulations Related to Evicitions (PDF)


March 20, 2020 - City of Davis Fire Chief Tenney and Police Chief Pytel issued the following statement

The State of California and Yolo County have issued stay at home orders to help slow the spread of COVID-19. They are legal orders and the City is asking everyone to comply with the spirit and intent of the orders, which is to stay at home to protect the public health. We ask everyone take these orders seriously and to make smart decisions about whether leaving their residence is reasonable, necessary and essential activity under the orders. The orders can be enforced by our law enforcement officers, however, we would appreciate voluntary compliance.
State Documents (PDF):


March 19, 2020 - City Offices Closure Extended to April 7, 2020

The Yolo County Public Health Officer has issued a county wide health order for residents to shelter in place, effective March 19, 2020 through April 7, 2020, unless extended by the Public Health Officer.

In order to remain consistent with the Yolo County Order, City of Davis offices will remain closed through April 7, 2020.


March 18, 2020 - Yolo County Issues Shelter in Place Order to Reduce Spread of COVID-19

The Yolo County Public Health Officer issued a countywide health order for residents to shelter in place from March 19, 2020, to April 7, 2020, unless extended by the Public Health Officer.

The order applies to the City of Davis and becomes effective at 12:01 a.m. on March 19, 2020.

The order limits activity, travel and business functions to only the most essential needs and is intended to slow the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), protect those most vulnerable to the disease, and preserve local healthcare capacity.

You may:

  • Get food/groceries
  • Go to medical appointments
  • Seek shelter
  • Go to an essential business or perform an essential activity (see below)
  • Engage in outdoor activity such as walking, running, biking, and hiking
  • Attend to family members and their health needs or care
  • Do anything to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of a residence

The order defines essential activities as those necessary for the health and safety of individuals and their families. The order does not apply to the following essential workers/businesses:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Infrastructure workers (construction, public works, housing)
  • First responders/essential government workers
  • Essential businesses and workers that provide:
    • Shelter;
    • Social services;
    • Food retailers (including convenience stores);
    • Restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food, but only for delivery or carry out;
    • Businesses that supply other essential businesses with support or equipment necessary to operate, or that that ship/deliver groceries, food, goods or services directly to residents;
    • Pharmacies;
    • Child care facilities;
    • Gas stations;
    • Banks;
    • Laundry businesses;
    • Any form of agricultural production and processing.

For the full list, see Section 10 of the order at:

“We are hoping that people will voluntarily comply with the order,” said Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel. “The order does carry the weight of law, but the goal really is to educate our community about how important it is to take these measures seriously,” he added.

Please refer to the City website for news and updates at:

Yolo County is the lead agency for the COVID-19 response, for more information on the County response, please visit for general information on the COVID-19 situation, and for information on the Shelter in Place Order.


March 17, 2020 - City of Davis to Close Public Offices - Essential Operations and Services Will Continue

The City of Davis announced today that all City facilities, including City Hall, the Police and Fire Stations, the Corporations Yards, Veterans Memorial Center and Senior Center will be closed to the public effective March 18, 2020, through at least March 31, 2020.  Non-essential City staff will be telecommuting or on leave during this time.

The City’s core public services will not be affected and will continue, including police and fire services, operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure (sewer and water and solid waste), limited parks maintenance, Davis Community Transit, and management of the City’s emergency operations center.  This action is part of the City of Davis’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

For more information about building permitting, resale inspections, and construction inspection activity during this time, email your staff contact in the Community Development and Sustainability Department or call 530-757-5655. 

Those conducting business with the City are encouraged to do so remotely by phone, email, online.  Resources on how to do business with the City can be found at, by selecting “You Can Do Your City Business Online” at the top of the page.

These dates and services may be modified as any State and/or Yolo County guidelines evolve. Yolo County is the lead agency for the COVID-19 response, for more information on the County response, please visit:


March 17, 2020 - City of Davis Issues COVID-19 Guidelines

The City of Davis announced today that it is urging residents to follow Gov. Gavin Newsom’s directives to shelter-in-place and practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday, March 16, 2020, Gov. Newsom said he planned to extend the Bay Area shelter-in-place guidelines statewide, however stopped short of issuing an order. He also directed that all gyms and movie theaters close and that restaurants limit service to take-out/delivery meals only. In a previous directive, he also asked that residents age 65 and over, and those at higher risk for serious illness stay at home.

Gov. Newsom also issued an executive order on Monday that authorizes local governments to stop evictions for renters and homeowners and protect Californians against utility shutoffs. The Davis City Council will discuss this topic at a special meeting scheduled for tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Chambers.

“This is a challenging time for us all, and we are asking residents to look out for their neighbors by practicing social distancing,” said Mayor Brett Lee. “The City is working closely with the Yolo County Health Department to encourage practices to keep the community safe and healthy.”

Local restaurants can provide take-out food and make deliveries. The City encourages residents to support local businesses as they are able to, but is asking that residents not gather in groups or use restaurant dining rooms. Consistent with the Governor’s directives, the Davis Police Department is temporarily suspending all bar/restaurant entertainment permits. The City asks that residents celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home.

By urging people to “shelter in place,” the City is simply recommending individuals stay at home and only leave their homes for essential purposes, such as necessary medical appointments, grocery shopping or picking up prepared meals at a restaurant, and traveling to perform essential job functions. Additionally, while walking in public places, people are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing and keep a distance of six feet from each other.

The City will provide regular updates as new information becomes available. Please refer to the City’s website at and the City’s Facebook page for updates. The City will also distribute information on the platform.