Low Carbon Diet FAQ

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  • By participating in this program, will I have an impact on reducing green house gas emissions?

    This program begins to address one of the most consistent comments we hear from community members: “I want to do something (now), but I don't know what to do and if it will make any difference.”

    According to a recent inventory of local GHG emissions conducted by the City, about 23 percent of emissions within Davis are directly related to the energy we use in our homes. An additional 55 percent of CO2emissions come from vehicle travel. The Low Carbon Diet shows how to make real change in residential energy use and transportation. When combined with the actions of other households, the results can be substantial and are critical in helping Davis meet its GHG reduction targets.

  • How did the First 100 Households pilot program work?

    In the Fall of 2008, the City recruited 100 households from across the community to participate in the initial pilot program. The City hoped to learn which strategies work best in Davis so the program can be tailored for the next group of participants. The 100 households were broken into support groups of approximately 10 per group. Each household received a complimentary Program Workbook from the City of Davis which shows households how to calculate their current CO2 “footprint”, select actions, and track progress along the way. Each of the 10 groups had a volunteer leader who provided support for their groups and helped the City conduct a mid-point check in meeting with all households and gather results.
  • What is the “Low Carbon Diet: A 30 day program to lose 5000 Pounds of CO2”?

    The Low Carbon Diet is a workbook designed to help households save energy and make a real, measurable difference in the fight against global warming. Using this workbook, the City's Sustainability Program challenges households across the community to "lose" 5,000 pounds of carbon. This 30 day "Low Carbon Diet" is intended to raise awareness of the importance of reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and to provide households with a menu of options to lose those carbon pounds. Each household will structure their diet according to what works for them. The City hopes to build the program to eventually engage thousands of Davis households to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and continue on a path toward a low carbon future for the community.