16 Things You Can Do Around Your Yard

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  1. Use a push or electric mower instead of a gas mower to mow your lawn. It’s also great exercise.
  2. Create a compost pile in your backyard for compostables from your kitchen and yard work. Visit www.projectcompost.ucdavis.edu for information on backyard composting and worm bins.
  3. Reduce the amount you water plants in cooler weather. In the winter water your lawn even less when it rains.
  4. Practice “grass-cycling.” Leave the grass clippings on your lawn after you mow.
  5. Use a broom to clean off sidewalks rather than a leaf blower.
  6. Install water saving pool filters.
  7. Solar heat your pool or spa.
  8. Reduce your use of pesticides and herbicides.
  9. Use a rake to gather up leaves and clipping off your lawn rather than a leaf blower.
  10. Reduce your turf area with drought-tolerant plants. Davis has a Mediterranean climate so plant accordingly. Examples of good plants are fremontodendron, ceanothus, and manzanita.
  11. Plant native trees in your yard.
  12. Use organic fertilizers.
  13. Plant a garden that you can eat from.
  14. Don’t plant invasive plant species.
  15. Water your lawn before 9AM or after 7PM to minimize evaporation.
  16. Layer mulch on the soil surface around your plants to trap in moisture and reduce the amount of time you need to water.