11 Things You Can Do in the Office

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  1. Refill your ink-jet cartridge rather than buy a new one. Most office supply stores offer this service.
  2. Use motion sensor switches in less-used areas of the office such as the bathroom, and storage rooms.
  3. Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting.
  4. Print everything double sided.
  5. When replacing office equipment, buy energy efficient models.
  6. Consider having employees use lap top computers since they use up to 80 percent less energy than a standard desktop computer.
  7. Turn off printers and peripherals such as monitors, copiers, and other electronic equipment when not in use. They still use energy in standby mode.
  8. Make sure your office has recycling bins.
  9. Always recycle reports, documents and office mail when possible.
  10. If your company uses a shredding company, make sure they recycle the end product.
  11. Turn your computers off at night, and sleep functions are set during the day.