100 Things You Can Do

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What is your carbon footprint? The American national average is 7.5 tons a year. Visit http://www.coolcalifornia.org/calculator to find out. Try these 101 different ways to save energy, resources, and the planet. Check off the practices you already do, and then try at least one new practice every week!

  • 27 Things You Can Do at Home

    Line-dry your laundry as much as possible.
    Turn off your electric blanket if you’re not in bed.
    Install skylights when possible to use natural light in your home or office.
  • 16 Things You Can Do Around Your Yard

    Use a push or electric mower instead of a gas mower to mow your lawn. It’s also great exercise.
    Create a compost pile in your backyard for compostables from your kitchen and yard work. 

  • 11 Things You Can Do in the Office

    Refill your ink-jet cartridge rather than buy a new one. Most office supply stores offer this service.
    Use motion sensor switches in less-used areas of the office such as the bathroom, and storage areas.
  • 23 Things You Can Do On the Go

    For shorter trips, try walking or riding your bike instead of driving. Check out the bike map for Davis at http://gis.cityofdavis.org/map-library.
    Look into purchasing a hybrid car.