Low Carbon Diet Challenge

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From October 12th thru November 10th, the City of Davis challenged 100 households to participate in a 30 day pilot program to reduce their carbon emissions by 5,000 pounds each. Over 100 households answered the challenge, with participation ranging from average Davis households to City Council members, City staff, UC Davis campus administrators, scientists, students, and business owners.

Upon conclusion of the program, households reported the amount of carbon emissions they were able to lose through an anonymous online reporting tool. Of the 47 survey responses received, 253,723 annual pounds of carbon have been reported to be saved as a result of this program. This calculates to an average of 5,398 pounds saved per household!

Based on these results and feedback from participants, the apparent success of the pilot program appears to be due in part to the peer support and accountability built into the program. Also, by assigning values to actions taken, the workbook provided households with a tangible idea of the impact they could make by taking action and participating in the program.

Due to the positive feedback and success of this pilot program, the City is looking at how to offer the Low Carbon Diet program to even more residents in 2009. The City is beginning to recruit households to participate in the next round of the program tentatively scheduled to begin in early 2009. If you are interested in participating in the Low Carbon Diet program, please contact Dominique Sayer in the City Manager’s Office at dsayer@cityofdavis.org or 757-5607.

If you are interested in participating, or have questions or suggestions please email lowcarbondiet@cityofdavis.org or call (530) 757-5607.