Low Carbon Diet Actions

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  • Step 1: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
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  • Step 2: Take Action!

    Here are suggestions for activities you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, along with activities suggested by Davis Pilot Program participants.
    Note: the CO2 reduction values assigned are approximations based on national averages and other broad assumptions.

Annual CO2 Saved
Action Links
Reducing Solid Waste

Reducing solid waste to a smaller container 1560-3120 pounds
Recycling Curbside 100% 1300 pounds More Info
Composting Food Waste (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon More Info
Reducing Hot Water Used in Showers

Install low-flow shower heads 250 pounds More Info
Reduce shower times to 5 minutes 300 pounds/person
Reducing Water Used for Washing Dishes

Reduce electric dishwasher use per week (100 lbs./load) 100 pounds/ea. load less
Adopt sustainable hand-dishwashing habits 125 pounds
Purchase Energy Star® dishwasher 125 pounds More Info
Washing & Drying Clothes Efficiently

Reduce warm or hot wash loads per week 100 pounds/ea. load less
Reduce number of weekly dryer loads 260 pounds/ea. load less
Purchase Energy Star® Front load washer 500 pounds More Info
Turning Down The Heat

Set thermostat to 65-68° day;55-58° night 1400 pounds
Turn your appliances all the way off 600 pounds
Cooling More Efficiently

Replace or clean AC filter 350 pounds How to do it
Raise your A/C thermostat 4 degrees 60-240 pounds
Purchase an Energy Star air conditioner 600 pounds More Info
Install whole house fans (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon More Info
Install ceiling fans (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon More Info
Effective use of window coverings (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon
Reducing Miles/Fuel Efficient Driving

Reduce miles driven in a car or truck by 20% 450-4000 pounds
Implemented fuel efficient driving practices 1100 pounds/vehicle
Eating Lower On The Food Chain

Switch from meat to vegetarian meals1+ day/week 700 pounds for each full day switched More Info
Buy locally produced/organic food (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon
Grow food at home (Suggested pilot) Coming Soon
Efficient Water Heating

Set temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees 150 pounds
Insulate your water heater 175 pounds More Info
Install a solar water heater 2500 pounds More Info
Installing Energy-Efficient Lights

Install five compact fluorescent bulbs. 500 pounds
Install more than five compact fluorescent bulbs 100 pounds/bulb
Sealing Air Leaks

Thoroughly sealing air leaks in your home 800 pounds
Tune Up Your Furnace

Furnace tune-up 300 pounds
Sealing & insulating warm air heating ducts 800 pounds
Purchasing an energy-efficient furnace 2400 pounds
Achieving Maximum Energy Efficiency

Insulating your walls & attic 1200 pounds
Installing storm or high-efficiency windows 800 pounds
Replace old refrigerator with Energy Star® model 500 pounds More Info
Maintaining An Efficient Car

Engine tune-up;maintainingtire pressure 1500 pounds More Info
Buying A Fuel-Efficient Car

Purchase a more fuel-efficient vehicle 2000-10,000 pounds