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Sustainability is a general concept used to describe a community that considers the long-term affects of its decisions on future generations and the natural world. It is a tool that helps individuals, communities, states, and nations focus on what needs to be done to ensure that future generations and natural communities are stable and thrive. In practice this means that a community recognizes that economy, society, and environment are mutually dependent and need to be balanced. To move toward sustainability, communities and individuals must incorporate this concept into both long-term and day-to-day decisions.

For most communities this requires a new mind-set. For Davis this means a renewed focus on established core community values of innovation and conservation and building on existing programs. This will allow Davis to take positive steps toward sustainability and provide an even stronger example of a community designed to address and adapt to the environmental challenges on the horizon.

City Actions

The City is currently focused on addressing local greenhouse gas emissions. The City is conducting an inventory of community greenhouse gas emissions and will set reduction targets when the inventory is complete early next year. 

The City is also coordinating with UC Davis and other organizations to identify where efforts on sustainability and climate change overlap. This will allow the City to partner with other organizations and groups to increase the effectiveness of its actions.

The following reports and documents are related to the City’s current efforts related to Community Sustainability and climate change. Additional reports and documents will be added as they become available.

Staff Report - Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets

2010 Davis Climate Action & Adaptation Plan

2010 Davis Climate Action & Adaptation Plan update

City of Davis Renewable Energy Commitment